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TOP NEWS | Sunday, 17 January 2010

First GonziPN... Now it’s Muscat-PL

Joseph Muscat finds no candidates for secretary-general.

So he ‘tells’ the Labour executive committee: either abolish the post...or he presents the motion himself to the party conference.

Everyone votes in favour.

And then they remove his ‘threat’ from the meeting’s minutes. >>

No bid bond for €2m Selmun Palace offer

Polidano Group wins EU-funded contract without meeting tender preconditions

Foreign bribery to be made a crime

MFA president shrugs off Luke Dimech resignation

Labour scoffs at American ‘nudging’ on Afghanistan

Maltese respond to Haiti catastrophe

Realtà censorship : same old story… since 1860

Bogus ID card could have led to new voting document

Ryanair charging Visa Electron customers

MIA looking into new routes

The cost of Big Brother: €1 per Maltese citizen

GWU suffers massive decline in collective bargainin

National Auditor questions medical equipment ‘loans’

Naxxar set for June trade fair

Invasive plant finds new home on Maltese roundabouts

Sky Malta mum on failed bid for football rights

Anarchy looms over Haiti’s devastated capital




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The ghost of permits past

This week we were given a preview of the long-overdue MEPA reform document: a promise made by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on the eve of the March 2008 election. >>


Don’t judge me by my looks…
Was it really his dyed-red hair or was it something else? Beyond the speculation of what could have led national coach John Buttigieg to develop an ‘issue’ with veteran Malta defender Luke Dimech – to the extent of asking him to leave the training grounds in order to re-colour or shave off his mohawk hairstyle, and having him not return to the squad – there seems to be a regrettable case of misjudgement of character. >>

MT Surveys

Who’s the most trusted nanny in Gonzi’s cabinet?

Consumers fishing around for better deals

Robert Arrigo ‘most wanted’ for minister

Cabinet thrives, but Fenech and Gatt hit rock bottom

Bleak times – depression at the Grand Harbour

Budget 2010 – Raise taxes or cut benefits?


So near and yet so different

Only 35% will be taking a holiday this summer

The wiser, grey pound

Shopping in the City

Corned beef? a matter of class

Labour poised for absolute majority

Turnout drops to 79%

Labour Party heading for absolute majority


Restaurant review by Monique Chambers

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Wind in its sails

Ruby in the sand


At home with Gianni

Luck exists in the leftovers

Enter the secret garden

Been there, eaten that, got the t-shirt

Ain’t no mountain high enough

The road to Manderlay


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Film Review:
By Teodor Reljic

So average it hurts

There’s no getting Caine

No need to ask, he’s a smooth operator

To be seen in 3D at all costs

For absent friends…

She’s a mean, mean girl

Picking up the pieces

Undead funny

Blue moon, I saw you standing alone

Historical flashpoints

It’s a long way up

An evolution in grief

The hazards of love

I’m not there

From rags to…?

The flakes and the fury

Good forecast for gluttons

Aliens - out!

Lost in translation

A basterd’s work is never done

Toy stories

Going off the rails on a crazy

The rodents in the

Revenge of the nerd

As queer as you’d expect

The story of L

Too much is never enough

Dubya’s last stand

Keep it Simple, Stupid

On a political prisoner

Guess who’s back?

Kid's stuff? Not really

She was once a girl,
believe it or not

A howling shame

Putting the dead in deadline


Delicious double-crosses

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