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TOP NEWS | Sunday, 07 June 2009

Turnout drops to 79%

Voter turnout yesterday dropped down to a record 79%, 4% less than five years ago, according to the approximate figures released late last night by the Electoral Commission.
When the first European Parliament elections were held in Malta in 2004, turnout was 82.4%.





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Tremors of unease

It might not be an “earthquake of change”, but this weekend’s election has definitely brought tremors of unease for Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi..>>


Watch this space
Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando says he is still close to the Nationalist way of thinking and that he understands what Nationalists aspire to. He shares his political views on the party with SAVIOUR BALZAN >>


Saviour Balzan
Blame it on GonziPN

Raphael Vassallo:
Oh, but it is. And you are.

Evarist Bartolo
Young people deserve better

Michael Falzon
As we were!

Claudine Cassar
The spring of discontent

Robert Musumeci comments on an Appeals Board Decision which granted a further extension to an already existing 265 square metre agriculture storage

Robert Musumeci reacts to MaltaToday’s story on the Lidl permit close to the runway

Robert Musumeci about a three-storey development and a penthouse in ODZ

Robert Musumeci states that it is unwarranted to revoke a permit on the grounds that a site notice is removed from site

Robert Musumeci says DCC members are not to blame for inconsistent decisions

Robert Musumeci reacts to the Prime Minister’s proposals for wind farms

Robert Musumeci talks about the manner MEPA decides on extensions to farmhouses and tennis courts in ODZs



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