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TOP NEWS | Sunday, 28 June 2009


For the first time ever, PN activists talk of why Gonzi has lost control of his ministers...

...and why the electorate feels distanced from the inner circle that runs the country

They say Gonzi has lost control over his party. That RCC and Gatt dictate policy, that his ministers do not listen to the people. The PN diehards go public.

Alex Tranter ‘My conflict of interest’

MEPA to reach agreement on MIDI’s €4.6 million bill

FAA on the warpath over historic Qormi armoury

Piano unveils 25-year-old dream for Valletta

Labour – ‘government must listen to people’ on Valletta

Diluted ‘freedom’ in Malta’s information law

MCA to the rescue of ‘porn dialler’ victims

Malta registers EU’s lowest traffic deaths

Life’s no beach

Police asked to investigate CPD ‘abuse’ of impounded cars

Seven bowsers a day to empty Bahrija’s cesspits

Private schools outperform state schools in O’levels

30,000 vehicles dumped in scrap yards

Challenge8000 team climbs 39 peaks in three days

Generator sales skyrocket after blackout

The curious case of Benjamin B.

Jackson: addiction to painkillers

After his death…

New breeding birds killed at M’skala chapel




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Officially out of touch

“I expect the PN General Council to seriously take note of the people’s disgruntlement.” “We have a situation of complacency where government seems not to be interested in what the people are saying.” “I have had it up to my ears listening to the people’s complaints”...>>

MT Surveys

Labour poised for absolute majority

Turnout drops to 79%

Labour Party heading for absolute majority



No politics please...
A year and a half since stepping down as Labour Party leader,
Alfred Sant has bounced back onto the literary scene with what some have called his best novel to date: ‘L-Ghalqa Ta’ L-Iskarjota’. Here he offers the other side of Malta’s most maligned politician

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