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NEWS | Wednesday, 12 March 2008

‘In Parliament I will investigate corruption’

This was stated in a paid advert on MaltaToday (5 March 2008) by MLP candidate Martin Debono. Now I know that Mr Debono is an architect and I also know that architects design houses, hotels, buildings and sometimes promenades. They do not investigate.
There are other authorities that investigate. The Police, the Ombudsman, the Commission Against Corruption, and the Public Accounts Committee are a few. What’s behind Mr Debono’s statement? I hope it's not a repetition of the Charles Demicoli case!
Joe Azzopardi

The man who would never be PM

So you big boys at Labour HQ hope you’ve finally learned your lesson not to bully the little guys around anymore.
To beat a bigger Goliath all the smaller Goliath needed was to give a helping hand to... David. Having the dinosaur brains that you have in the seat of your pants, true to your muscle-bound knuckleheads, you failed to see the big factor in the small fry.
It now looks pretty likely Labour will get more seats than the PN.
Drown in your sorrows as you contemplate this: had you spoken to the right number of right supporters in Gzira, St Julian’s, Sliema even, to cast a 2nd preference vote to AD, Labour would have managed to squeeze in as sure as your ham-handed tactics managed to so effectively squeeze out AD, and in so doing. squeeze in the PN.
Not only that, but even the 1st preference vote to AD would have worked just as beautifully with the 2nd preference going to Labour, and Labour being none the worse for it.
As you further plunge to the depths of your misery, get a hold of this: such a neat stratagem, with the same number of popular votes as you have now, and come Monday morning you would have breezed up the steps of Castille.
This reminds me of another twist of history: the 1987 constitutional amendment. Had reason on the side of Labour in those dark days prevailed, the 7,000 votes Labour polled more than the PN in 1996 would have translated into three more seats than the PN.
But the chickens came home to roost. And irascible Dom sealed your doom. It now seems that Dr Sant was the man who would never be premier.

Joe Genovese,
Via email

Xemxija roadworks

I, the undersigned, am a resident of Triq Katerina Vitale and I am writing this e-mail with regards to the terrible state our road is in. Roadworks started during the month of November and four months later us residents see no progress whatsoever. In fact, it is not only devastating for us to go out/park etc., in our road, but it is also threatening the residents’ health and safety.
For instance, four weeks ago, due to the fact that no light was put up and no barriers to cover open trenches covered with fresh concrete, my daughter fell into it waist deep. This not only caused damages to my daughter’s clothes and the things she was carrying, but also caused severe stress on my daughter’s part, considering that the incident could have been a serious one.
That same night, another person fell into the same trench! After reporting all this to ADT (we even have photos as evidence of this incident), they immediately took the necessary actions by putting lights on and covering trenches. We just cannot understand why workers do not emphasise on health and safety and do not take the necessary precautions and instead have to wait for incidents like these to happen to take action. One of the workers, instead of showing any empathy, insisted that ‘ahna inlestulkom irridu!’
We are in desperate need for our road to be taken care of. We feel that the people in charge, workers and all, are all taking us for a ride, since complaints have been made from us residents and the situation is still a bad one. At the moment, we even have an open trench in the middle of the road where we even see rats coming out of it! 
It is by no doubt that we deserve better!

Mary Mifsud

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