TOP NEWS | Sunday, 02 December 2007

PM decided alone
Lawrence Gonzi took a solitary decision to heal a long-standing rift in the Nationalist Party by publicly exonerating former John Dalli of any allegations pertaining to his resignation three years ago, after secret meetings between the prime minister and Dalli – meetings which were unknown to most senior Cabinet ministers and senior aides at the OPM...

Malta snubs Great Britain
The Maltese government has left Britain out in the cold on the diplomatic front in the wake of the secretive backdoor dealings it believes to have led in the last-minute shift of the vote to India in last week’s election of Commonwealth Secretary General...

54% want change
The Nationalist Party faces an uphill struggle convincing the electorate that its time is not up. Not only does Labour now enjoy a 3% lead over the PN, but 54.3% of respondents think that the country needs a change of government...


Saviour Balzan: Now, what can I say?

Pamela Hansen: Safer to call the bear Rupert

Anna Mallia:
What mothers and men must know

Raphael Vassallo: The Glasshouse Menagerie

NEWS | Sunday, 02 December 2007

Health minister favours campus condom machine

The state of the councils

Thank you but we don’t trust the government, Qui-Si-Sana residents tell Arrigo

L-iStrina offers no lifeline for desperate charity

Italian preferred to other languages

All is forgiven, John…

Lija residents call on EU Ombudsman to block Blokrete’s pollution

Labour presents Grand Harbour vision for 2020

The great Gozitan enforcement farce


A bolt from the blue
On being informed by the acting Auditor-General, three years after he was commissioned to investigate government procurement of air tickets, that the allegations against John Dalli tunred out to be false; and on being informed by the auditor that he could not, as acting auditor, sign or publish the completed report, the Prime Minister was faced with a political dilemma... Editorial >

Don’t look back in anger
It takes the experience of a former empire that created the world’s most brutal dictators to shift a vote on the Commonwealth for its secretary general. Foreign Minister MICHAEL FRENDO knows there were way too many backdoor dealings to keep up with his Indian contender for the post, despite Britain’s pretence of neutrality
Interview >

All is forgiven, John…
Lawrence Gonzi publicly rehabilitated his former leadership rival and minister John Dalli with a token advisor’s post ahead of the coming elections. Was this Gonzi’s way of giving Dalli back his political legitimacy and close the chapter on the messiest affair he’s faced since becoming party leader?
Matthew Vella reports >

Matthew Vella: Why are my ears burning?


John Dalli: Looking ahead

Evarist Bartolo:
The cost of impotence

The Julian Manduca Award

Current weather conditions

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