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LETTERS| Sunday, 20 February 2008

Labour promises what it can’t deliver

James Debono’s article is further proof that the Malta Labour Party and many brainwashed sympathisers live in la-la land.
So, Dr Sant has a magic wand? Why did he not use it when he was briefly Prime Minister between 1997 and 1998? His magic wand must have been a dud since he left a trail of deficits – fiscal – job-wise, and more importantly in foreign investments.
So, Dr Sant is a team worker. What team? Yes, he is surrounded by those who go back to the Mintoffian era, who were so called ministers who only ministered under Mintoff’s do-so-or-else and we know only too well what a disastrous situation they brought Malta into in the 70’s and 80’s. What a trail of corruption, dubious land deals, bulk buying, false arrests, suspension of the Constitutional Court, etc.
So, Dr Sant has ‘shadow ministers’ all so anxious to repeat their performance of 1997-1998. No thanks. The promising ministers he had then, flew the coop and they are still out of the loop and will not even dream of returning to the inner MLP fold as long as Dr Sant is around. Besides they are all getting up there too.
So, Dr Sant has a ‘new beginning’ one more time. How many new beginnings can one have? For the last several elections he has been preaching his new beginnings but look closely – they are of two kinds: the ones which he tried in the past and failed. The others are ones which, had it not been for Nationalist administrations he would not even have dared to dream about. Not when he froze Malta’s application to join the European Union. Not when he was against the adoption of the euro but now changed his mind (depending on the day of the week) and agrees it may benefit Malta.
So, Dr Sant took the role of ‘adviser’ to the government when he was leader of the Opposition. Advices like devaluation of the Maltese lira? Not to join the EU? To pay overtime as ‘straight pay’? One would shudder to think that if by some small chance he becomes Prime Minister he would adopt measures which would wreck Malta’s economy and more importantly its reputation among the other 26 nations of the union.
Now that Malta has achieved a credible and sustainable economy, it would commit political suicide if it decides to change course. Malta should invest in the future and not repeat the past.
We have embarked on a route of stability, prosperity and new job creation. The fruits of the last NP government’s efforts resulted in the lowest unemployment levels, the highest employment numbers but also the fear that the thousands of jobs in the pipeline through SmartCity Malta and other sizeable projects may be in jeopardy unless we produce many more graduates in the field of info technology and related trades. We do not achieve the numbers by delaying graduation by one full year by adopting the ‘reception class’ which makes young children repeat a year for no reason at all. We need to fine tune what is in place now and the PN’s plans, either already started or in the offing, include the building of a larger MCAST, opening new academic chairs at the University, the modernization of schools and the replacement of computers with the latest technology. We do not get ahead by closing MCAST or turning students’ stipends into loans.
The difference between the MLP and the PN is that the PN delivers what is achievable while the MLP promises what it cannot deliver. They did not deliver Integration. The PN delivered Independence and the transformation of a military based economy to one based on tourism and value added goods and services. The MLP opposed joining the EU – the PN delivered what it preached and strived for and more, by adopting the euro as its currency. This was achieved with a bit of sacrifice but which ultimately was instrumental to our qualifying requirements to join the eurozone.  
The only hopes the MLP has in winning the trust of the Maltese nation is to truly have a ‘new beginning’ and re-invent its party policies and show Dr Sant and his cronies the only way – out.
Joe Martinelli
London, Ontario,

Drama teachers’ dispute

As an ex-head of school of one of the mentioned schools in the report “Curtain rises over drama lessons dispute” (6 February, 2008), I can recount my experiences with the drama section of the Education Department.  Every year, a teacher would appear in my school informing me that she has been assigned as drama teacher for my school.  Unfortunately that was the only time the children and I ever saw her. Then I would discover that the drama section was preparing a play and needed the drama teachers at the Head Office. I thought drama teachers were teachers not actors.  In other schools, where I was Head, the same story repeated itself. At the beginning of the scholastic year, a drama teacher would come to the school, then disappear for the rest of the scholastic year. To be honest, I have lost all confidence in the MUT as, in my opinion, it is too eager to support unproductive teachers than the interests of the children.

Joe Grech
Via email

Hunting and European fines

What sheer manipulations your reporter resorts to in order to further his and your agenda on environmental issues. Firstly, whatever the result of the ECJ case, Malta will not have to pay any fines. Secondly, Malta joined the EU to ensure freedom in all senses and not only the freedoms of the so called environmentalist or greens. Thirdly, the Commission can only come to an opinion, but only the ECJ can apply sanctions in these cases as has already been confirmed by the same Commission.
Fourthly, and most important: before entry Malta applied and the EU agreed in writing with regards the Birds Directive and its application to Malta and this is what the ECJ has to address and give a decision on. Everybody is equal before the law and the Commission cannot arrogate to itself powers above and beyond those granted to it by the member countries. Any agreement by two parties can only be changed by agreement between both parties. So please stop these fallacious reports and stick to the law, not to your reprehensive agenda.
Just for accuracy’s sake. I am not a hunter, never hunted and don’t like hunting; but I believe in freedom and liberty for all.
Tony Cini
Via email



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