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Current weather conditions


How the rising price of crude oil was confused with the stable price of fuel oil

Kurt Sansone
The international price of fuel oil used for generating electricity in the Marsa and Delimara power stations for November 2004 is at par if not lower than the cost of fuel oil in November 2003...


Politicians’ ‘super pensions’ to remain untouched

Farmers’ representative warns of false ‘Maltese’ peaches

Alfred versus Jason


Sant head-hunting for editor

Unions slam budget for increasing hardships

Double standards in Brussels - Malta still not awarded sixth observer MEP

Budget perceptions

Controller says BICAL assets were insufficient to repay debts

Gozo minister finds nothing unethical with her husband’s position

An unused heliport with full-time staff

New pension plan in for some harsh criticism


Yes, Prime Minister
Matthew Vella picks the highlights from Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s interview with Saviour Balzan - Matthew Vella


A man of many (theatrical) hats
Chris Gatt must be one of the busiest men in Malta. He virtually lives at St James Cavalier where he is the CEO, but still finds time to direct plays which often involve weeks of preparation.


Galea stresses SME competitiveness at EU Council of Ministers

Toronto landmark built by Maltese company

V.J. Salamone, Gasan Group subsidiaries merge in IT sector

BOV TV commercial wins EFMA Grand Prix 2004 Special Award

New multilevel shopping, entertainment centre for Paola in December

Portfolio diversification with New Star



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It’s the public sector, stupid*
*with apologies to Bill Clinton
Beyond the personal sacrifices it envisages, the budget must be judged eventually by the results achieved. Its target is economic renewal, recovery and growth.


Ghost busters
Joe Vella came up to me with a soft drink in his hand.
Joe Vella is a fellow I metaphorically bludgeoned because of his time as the editor of the Malta News, a now defunct Saturday newspaper that at the time portrayed the days of the Mintoffian government as a naughty but exciting holiday in the Bahamas...
- Saviour Balzan

Budget bites honest citizens (as always) - Anna Mallia


Opening up to the souk of the world- Evarist Bartolo


Tony Formosa's world of sports
A question of spin


On ‘Turning the clock back’

Malta is not a Banana Republic

Wasting electricity

Disseminating wrong information

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MaltaToday celebrates 5 years
MaltaToday has multiplied eight-fold
“Readers appear fed up of being inflicted with press statements, a constant dose of party politics and spin doctoring. They are still interested in reading good news stories, but they want them to be well presented, articulately written and attractively illustrated. They want to read about society and about what is happening in the world around them And they cannot stand being preached to.”
So ran MaltaToday’s first editorial November 19, 1999, precisely 5 years ago .
MaltaToday was purposely launched as a Friday newspaper; it would later convert to a Sunday newspaper. It was a ploy concocted to avoid unnecessary competition from the giants published on a Sunday.
The front page of edition number one carried stories about ‘Corpses left in bed at Boffa hospital’, ‘No Air Malta flights after 10pm on New Year’s’Eve. Other stories interestingly covered the ‘9.2 million owed to MDC’, ‘Maltese will not be an official language’ and ‘We’re Arabs after all…’.
There were interviews with Joe Dimech, Jesmond Mugliet, John Lowell and footballer Joe Cilia.
The opinion pages were graced with Pierre Portelli, Miriam Dalli and MaltaToday editor then, as now, Saviour Balzan. A satirical column with the theme; ‘Where are they now’ took former Labour minister Joe Grima to task.
The 28 page newspaper also carried an colourful entertainment magazine called ‘This Week’ which has since been replaced.
Starting off with sales of less a thousand and struggling to break into the market, MaltaToday five years down the line has multiplied sales more than eight fold and is one of the leading Sunday newspapers. MaltaToday together with The Malta Business & Financial Times is owned and published by Newsworks Limited and both newspapers were one of the first to go online.

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