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NEWS | Sunday, 10 August 2008

Opinion makers absolve Joe Psaila

After they had stepped up the pressure against Joe Psaila when he was still in the police force, Where’s Everybody directors Lou Bondì and Peppi Azzopardi have now absolved the former assistant commissioner indicted on human rights breaches.
The beneficiary of a direct order received for security at Mater Dei, Group 4 Securitas Managing Director Kenneth DeMartino was not deterred by Psaila’s far from good reputation when it came to employing him as security chief at the new hospital.
Irrespective of whether or not he is paid from taxpayers’ money, Bondi now considers Psaila to be a private individual, and has therefore no opinion on his appointment at Mater Dei.
Asked on whether he had a change of heart on Psaila, seeing that he had often written about his wrongdoings at the police force, Bondi said: “Back then I had an opinion on Joe Psaila because he was a public figure. Nowadays he occupies a private position and I don't have an opinion on private persons.”
Peppi Azzopardi, who in 1994, was awarded Lm500 compensation for his illegal arrest that had taken place 10 years before under Psaila, opted for the magnanimous approach when confronted with the same question.
“I genuinely think that everyone can make mistakes. Joe Psaila has made mistakes from which I suffered. But this does not mean that he is to be condemned for the rest of his life. I think they have damaged Joe Psaila enough and that he got punished for what he did. I don't know Joe Psaila and I never met him,” he said.
Daphne Caruana Gailzia had also been very outspoken on the Nationalist government’s decision to retain Psaila’s as Assistant Commissioner. She now says she would write on the matter if she had an opinion.
In her curt reply, Caruana Gailiza said: “When I have opinions I usually write about them in my columns. I don't give quotes.”

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