News | Sunday, 16 August 2009
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‘Puli wears white panties’, MP Mario Galea reveals all

The parliamentary secretary for the elderly Mario Galea has struck again, revealing the embarrassing choice of underwear by his government colleague Clyde Puli to the public.
Writing in his column in the PN daily In-Nazzjon last Friday, Galea exhorted readers not to forget to ask Puli about his “white panties… with red flower motif” when meeting him in the street.
Galea was writing about the time his young son Nathan, popped into the hotel room where Puli and his wife were staying, along with the Galeas, on holiday. Minutes later, the kid came into his parents’ bedroom to report on the underwear that Puli, the parliamentary secretary for youth and sport, was wearing.
“Mum… Clyde Puli has some nice panties. Panties with flowers, white, but with many red flowers,” Galea wrote, quoting his son’s reaction at seeing Puli in nothing but his briefs.
“It was clear that this story of the underwear with flowers had a long shelf life ahead of it… the kid seemed determined to keep its memory alive and would tell it to everybody… that’s why I’m sharing this story with you,” Galea wrote.
But this is not the first time Galea’s humorous vignette causes some red faces. Last December, he recalled how former tourism minister Francis Zammit Dimech was likened to a horny ram by none other than the husband of Gozo minister Giovanna Debono.
“We were at a wedding. As he was leaving, Francis Zammit Dimech starting kissing every woman he could find. Finally he came to Giovanna, who was with her husband Toni. Francis started kissing her. He took his time,” Galea wrote, setting the typical scene to an encounter with the gregarious Zammit Dimech.
“Toni then turned towards me, saying, ‘All this kissing just to tell her bye. And right in front of me. What about when she’s alone in Malta. I’ll be at home in Gozo cooking the minestra while Zammit Dimech is smooching with my wife’.
“When Francis left, Toni turned to us and told us: ‘Zammit Dimech reminds me of my grandma’s ram (muntun). That wretched creature was just like him. He would ravish every ewe he could find in the herd.”

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