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Daphne faces court libel for calling Joseph Muscat a ‘vagina’

Ever thought of the link between female genitalia and politics? If not, you surely have not read Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog yet.
The acerbic columnist went as far as describing the Labour leader as a “vagina” - using the highly obscene Maltese Semitic version, albeit crudely misspelt - on her online blog, in an article about the GWU rally for shipyard workers.
It is not the first time she has used highly insulting adjectives to describe Labourites, but this time she will be facing the wrath of MLP deputy leader Toni Abela in court.
Writing last Tuesday on l-orizzont under the heading “This ‘woman’,” (the latter word in inverted commas) Abela expressed his incredulity at how the columnist could get away with all her verbal abuse, when any other columnist would be “grilled in hell” if he or she had to describe a Nationalist leader in the same vein.
Challenging her to a debate about her prejudices “even in English, just in case she doesn’t know Maltese,” Abela said he has collected a handful of her articles that were “clearly libellous”, to sue her in court.
“Thank you Daphne, because if I have not yet cooled off when I return to work, you will probably be paying my next holiday, and the subsequent ones,” the deputy leader wrote.
Asked whether he had cooled off since Tuesday, Abela hinted he hadn’t.
In the same article, Caruana Galizia described Sammy Meilaq as “an ugly bastard”, and Manwel Cuschieri as having the “face and personality” of Frankenstein’s monster.
In other recent comments on blogs, she hinted that males who approved of the new Labour leader were closet homosexuals, and even speculated openly about the colour of Joseph Muscat’s pubic hair.
And yet, just last February the same Daphne Caruana Galizia complained of “unfair reporting” by Super One, when her son had told a station’s cameraman to “f*** off” during the debate between political leaders on campus before the election.

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