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SAVIOUR BALZAN | Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Home truths

The inquiry by Magistrate Tonio Vella has concluded that the late Nicky Azzopardi jumped off the bastions of the CID headquarters, and was not beaten up by police.
The uninformative statement did not explain why someone in police custody should decide to jump and end his life.
A day before we were regaled with another piece of news, that a police inquiry concluded that there had been nothing unusual or political in the Harry Vassallo case concerning the arrest warrant on the eve of the general elections, served upon him by the police after gathering dust in a tray for months!
Even that inquiry failed to explain the role of so-called journalist Ray Abdilla, a former Labourite who strangely is now in the employ of the Nationalist Party.
I could say that all the inquiries we have seen of late confirm that this country is indeed a haven for virgins, honest people, incorruptible folk and trustworthy individuals.
It is far-fetched to think that there is anything incorrect in our behaviour. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine that any wrongdoing could have possibly taken place under a Nationalist administration.

Imprisoned trees
Just off the Hilton hotel, one can find a public garden. It is a surreal garden with high metal fencing and CCTV and most of the time it is closed to the public. It is a miniscule public garden sponsored by the Hilton people as part of their commitment, or shall we say tokenism to the environment. It gives the impression that the trees have been imprisoned from the public.
And most importantly, the public is deprived from being in this ridiculously small green belt because of the fear that they or members of society will vandalise the area after a certain time in the evening.
What the point of this garden is, God only knows.
But this is Paceville, capital to thousands of youngsters and adults who seek the pastures of cement and neon light to energise their lust for drink, women, men and fun.
The government has bowed down to the GRTU’s request to stop people from drinking their alcohol – specifically any beverage in a glass container – in some 30 streets in and around Paceville.
If there is any alcohol to be consumed it must happen indoors – that’s what this law seems to dictate. But drinking yourself to a stupor behind closed doors is not a problem, and I guess that’s what the GRTU thinks so too. Most especially, if the people who are dead drunk leave most of their week’s savings at the counter of a GRTU member in Paceville.
Yet the idea of having youngsters – 13, 14 and 15 years old – consume alcohol in public does not quite appeal to the GRTU. But then the GRTU finds it very difficult to chastise the many GRTU members who allow youngsters to drink on their premises.
And what about the GRTU members who allow smoking to take place on their premises? What does the GRTU have to say about this?
The government has of course exculpated itself from the Paceville calamity. Which is so typical of this government. We have a government that preaches high morality and all values but is incapable of stopping young people from visiting Paceville. What’s more – it does not have the gall to do what was carried out in France and Germany where youngsters are barred from such entertainment zones.

Early retirement schemes
Tonio Fenech has put into effect the early retirement plan at the dockyard. I was told by a veteran dockyard worker: “These schemes will only serve to encourage the good people to leave and the parasites to hang on.”
Tonio Fenech would not know, but when the sweet talking minister was a teenager, then prime minister Eddie Fenech Adami started to introduce early retirement schemes at the shipbuilding and dockyards.
After years of throwing away taxpayers’ money, Tonio Fenech and his party expects us to pat him on the back and applaud him for plugging a haemorrhage that led to millions being lost.

No divorce please, we’re Maltese
The Archbishop and bishops have voiced their concerns over the debate on divorce. They have reacted to the rumblings from politicians, namely Joseph Muscat and John Dalli, about the need to set the ball rolling for the introduction of divorce.
The fact that the statement was given such front-page prominence on the PN organ In-Nazzjon goes to show that the powers that be consider any reference to divorce to be anathema to their values.
Well, for once the values they preach are in deep contrast to the realities of Maltese society with the widespread breakdown in marriages.

Lino, make us laugh
Lino’s side-kick, Joe Buttigieg, has signed a letter to Queen Elizabeth II.
Really, someone should tell Lino to stop making a fool of himself. Just in case Lino Farrugia, ruler of the fiefdom of hunters and trappers hasn’t realised, the last thing on the Queen’s mind is Farrugia’s wishful thinking that he will continue to kill birds as he did before.
And more importantly, Lino should be told that in Britain the Queen has no real function but a rather simple ceremonial role. Very much like Eddie, our President.
Well, at least Lino has to be credited with one thing: he makes us laugh so bad, we always end up peeing in our pants! Thank you Lino. Thank you so much.

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13 August 2008

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Saviour Balzan
The inquiry by Magistrate Tonio Vella has concluded that the late Nicky Azzopardi jumped off the bastions of the CID headquarters, and was not beaten up by police.

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