Letters | Sunday, 14 December 2008

The case of the mistaken email

It actually happened to me once, only it wasn’t an email but an SMS on my mobile.
I had known this person for years but I didn’t like her much. She was always complaining about this, that and the other. If it wasn’t about the wear and tear of the pavements on Valletta, it was the horse dung. If it wasn’t the latter, it was about the noise some people made during binge-drinking at a local pub.
This time her complaint was that she broke a leg while walking through Republic Street. of course I promised to pass on her complaint to the Mayor. Actually I described her as a snob, as a haughty female with a penchant for wearing diamonds as early as 10 in the morning.
I tried to SMS the present mayor of Valletta except that I didn’t text him, wonder of wonder, my blunder was that I texted the person who made the complaint. What can I say about the way I felt when realised to whom I sent the SMS? I had goose pimples all over and I felt like throwing the cell phone through the balcony window hoping that she wouldn’t receive my somehow nasty SMS. I waited for two hours before I sent the madam an SMS, lying through my teeth that it was some other person who had the same complaint as hers, and that I was describing her. Since we are on speaking terms till this very day, I assume she swallowed my “excuse” hook, line and sinker.
The difference between Paul Borg Olivier’s email and my SMS blunder was that I didn’t go on television making one feeble excuse after another in order to inform viewers that what happened was not such a big deal after all. I didn’t go blustering incoherently as if I was a blameless entity who should actually be applauded for my massive error.
Paul Borg Olivier’s gaffe on “Xarabank” of 5 December was his ghastly sense of reasoning regarding the email which incriminated him even more. His appalling attempt at trying to demean Jason Micallef was totally catastrophic!
There is no doubt at all that at this point in time, the new general secretary of the Nationalist regime is as vital to his party as a pianist bereft of any fingers!



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