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State of Disunion

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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


The MLP Deputy Leader's hysterical attack on Maltatoday and Illum

Top Story
Portelli tells police of suspected corruption
Matthew Vella
Former Nationalist MP Frank Portelli was summoned last Wednesday to the police depot for questioning about his allegations that “commissions” had been paid over the construction of Mater Dei Hospital: the Lm250 million health behemoth that is expected to cost the exchequer Lm4 million every month to run.

PM justifies Rizzo’s libel suit but Saliba disagrees

Hunting to be allowed in new nature park


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A street named Julian

Pressure on home loans expected to rise shortly – Prof. Lino Delia

Investigators slammed by Police Board

MEPA’s auditor loses secretary

Heritage watchdog studying Mtarfa bones

Three children among victims of immigrant tragedy

Police to press charges against AD Sannat councillor for taking photos

Malta to join the Euro as planned – is it a bed of roses?

Only 12 students choose Arabic in 2006

A tragicomedy only in Malta

Twenty years of the PN

Greased nipples and a white violin? No wonder we lost

Amici per sempre: Italy tops list of Malta benefactors

So strong, and yet so fragile
When golf courses give way to nature reserves, it is clear that a green revolution is in the air. But Nature Trust’s Vince Attard warns that the war for the environment is not yet won by James Debono


Enigmatic judgments

Generation of zombies

Well, well, well

Police Commissioner sues MaltaToday Editors

Honesty is the best policy

How green is the government?

SOS Sliema


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Mangia santi, cacca diavoli
- Saviour Balzan


Dear Frank
- Anna Mallia


A playpen for the price of a house
- Claire Bonello


The Gonzi has landed
- Raphael Vassallo

The Julian Manduca Award






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