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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Top Story

PN losing ground in Gozo
James Debono
The Malta Labour Party has cut deep in to the Nationalist Party’s lead in Gozo: while back in 2003 the gap between the two parties amounted to an unsurpassable 18 per cent, now it amounts to just 4.5 per cent

Maltese telecom companies to suspend Israeli interception upgrades

“I don’t have to apologise to anybody”

Another Brit in Lm1 million drug bust

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Jellyfish stinging our tourism prompt MTA action plan

Infringement procedures against Malta on EIA Directive

MEPA extends council’s deadline for submissions on Hondoq project

Gozo today: poorer, greener, and Roman Catholic as ever

GRTU man denies using Euro info for his own venture

Santa Marija week, where is everybody?

British MP calls for probe into Mater Dei tenderer

Glamour touch at OPM

For & Against: Choosing to die


State of Disunion
The General Workers’ Union has sacked its public service section secretary and president in a bloody and messy purge that has seen the union’s militancy turned on its own officials. Karl Schembri interviews the two main protagonists and reports about the affair

Enough with Josephine

GWU secretary general Tony Zarb claims the union has been democratic all along the way in unceremoniously getting rid of Josephine Attard Sultana at all costs by Karl Schembri

Guess who’s next in line
The acrimonious split with Josephine Attard Sultana goes back a long way – back to the tumultuous election and referendum year in 2003, with Tony Zarb at the forefront of the no campaign by Karl Schembri


Non Sequitur
“Theatre is theatre. People want to be entertained”. Peter Busuttil has some firm ideas about Fabrika Fantastika’s latest production, a Maltese translation of ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Business Today on Sunday

Going for big: banking giants under the spotlight

Lombard Bank registers record pre-tax profits

A new shareholder for IHI plc

Gaming’s woes by George M.Mangion

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A grave mistake


Brand this
- Saviour Balzan



Shame on you Tony!
- Anna Mallia


They cleaned up the Kasbah 12 years ago – why can’t we?
- Claire Bonello


Caught in the web
- Evarist Bartolo


A happy family
- Chelsea Blogger



Rebutting misquotes

Wrong assumption on minister’s right-hand man

Truly fascinating

Corruption “in concrete”!

Bombed out of business

Park and Ride

Ta’ Qali – another Guantanamo?

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