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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Top Story

“I’ve a right to earn something?” says Labour’s man of charity
Matthew Vella
Two Labour MPs have confirmed with MaltaToday their acquisition of a piece of land in Zejtun was a “one-off” purchase which they were still considering for development.

Brussels trounces Malta’s claim on spring hunting

Government appoints tormentor to represent it

Air Malta reverses hasty decision to stop Stansted

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St Sebastian’s fire smothers golf greens with petards

Vittoriosa casino’s reputation tarnished by Italian royal’s aide

ADT blocks company to operate its own sightseeing tours

MEPs to vote on emissions tax for cars

Army veterans to get medals in October

Beleaguered company committed to continue Malta Mater Dei operations

Night public transport enforcement cut down

Government won’t intervene against abortionist

De Marco warns of terrible escalation in the Middle East

Away from public gaze, world’s porn webmasters meet in Malta

Eagles await ‘permit’ to soar over Siggiewi

Labour in clear lead over the PN as civil society lashes government

Cristina most popular minister among Labour voters

Remembering Srebrenica

Typhus bunnies removed, but family still in anguish

Another protest march

For & Against: Limits to freedom

Tony’s public spirit
Parliamentary secretary Tony Abela says he has matured as secretary in charge of the army and no longer calls immigration a battle. Now he says it is a challenge. by Karl Schembri

The Thin Green Line
Pigs, shoes, earrings, perfumes - anything in any shape, size or form - Clare Azzopardi collects it. At an early age she took up writing to drive away the boredom at secondary school, now she’s using it to try give an honest portrayal of women in Maltese literature. She speaks to Gilbert Calleja about ‘Il-Linja l-Hadra’, her latest short story book.

Business Today on Sunday

Malta’s minimum wage ranks mid-tier in Europe

Taking stock at halfway point

Central Bank shows strong balance sheet

Slaying inflation

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Pensions no problem


What product? Which Malta?
- Saviour Balzan



- Anna Mallia


Reviving tourism
- Evarist Bartolo


Will this worm ever turn?
- Claire Bonello


A little knowledge…

Against fuel tax on aviation

Affected by new development zones

Vote George, get Lorry

Michael Falzon’s fallacy

The social bond at APPOGG

Genuine debate, not insults please, Mr Falzon

Adrian Vassallo’s anxieties

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