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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Top Story

Ministers under pressure score low in rating poll
James Debono
Ministers facing daunting problems in the economic and tourism spheres have fared badly in MaltaToday’s second ‘Rating the Minister’ survey.

Secret MHRA report says Air Malta cannot hold tourism hostage

Army officers teaming up against early retirement order

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Instructor recounts ordeal as ADT inquiry deadline closes tomorrow

Drake’s staff get busy reading the papers

Ic-Caqnu turns down Mdina Knights offer

iSoft risks being cut off from British health IT project

Are we ready to pay for new clients?

Pullicino’s timid retreat does little to quell controversy

Busuttil, Casa vote for fuel tax on aviation

Let them call it jazz

Maltacom reacts to Qawra land controversy

Pensions no problem, says Labour after decade of silence

St John’s illegal excavations damage knights’ underground network

Multi-faceted immigration faces Europe as Malta cries for attention

Once upon a time… a carob tree at Tal-Harrub

New Manikata road could cut through aquifer

Construction waste tops two million tonne mark

Why blame me? says wastrel former VOM chief as ministry demands explanations

NGOs rally against building zone extensions

Taxman ropes in host families as summer begins

For & Against: Amnesty or Justice

Straight talk
There’s no shibboleth required to know from where Georg Sapiano hails. Raised in the Nationalist party, he is moving up to politics after deciding it was time to show up or shut up. by James Debono

The Thin Green Line
Pigs, shoes, earrings, perfumes - anything in any shape, size or form - Clare Azzopardi collects it. At an early age she took up writing to drive away the boredom at secondary school, now she’s using it to try give an honest portrayal of women in Maltese literature. She speaks to Gilbert Calleja about ‘Il-Linja l-Hadra’, her latest short story book.

Business Today on Sunday

Employers only interested in port reform if it results in lower costs

Interest rates on hold in Europe

Tecom Investments gets new CEO

CBM leaves interest rates unchanged

Fenech still confident despite Commission’s forecast

Fly for free

Government in vertical strategic alliance with IBM


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A system gone wrong


Senza palle
- Saviour Balzan



Forza Italia
- Anna Mallia


Not having to say you’re sorry
- Michael Falzon


- Roderick Galdes


Air Malta and low cost

Comparing likes with dislikes

Capitalism’s peaceniks

Road works in Naxxar

Justice abused, democracy betrayed

To be scanned, or not to be

Is self-destruction an option?

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