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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

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MTA chief planned to resign weeks ago amid calls for his resignation
MTA Executive Chairman Romwald Lungaro-Mifsud had decided to resign over six weeks ago, Government sources have confirmed with MaltaToday.

ADT officers claim they were ordered to stop booking illegal van
The Transport Authority’s enforcement officers were ordered by their superiors not to press charges against a private car owner giving a school transport service without a public transport licence, officials alleged with their chief earlier this month.

Gonzi hits back at protesting NGOs on development schemes

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PM urged NGO to dissociate itself from Lorry Sant poster

Astrid Vella takes up Pravda’s challenge

That folk legend ‘Il-Budaj’

Refuses to rebut allegations on alleged inherited properties

Pullicino’s rationalisation plans under EU scrutiny

Maltacom enquiries still giving wrong OHSA number

MEPA revokes promise to exclude Fekruna Bay from development zones

Golf course back on track

Notaries snub inland revenue over new withholding tax on property

Forum chief executive quits citing interference but Ministry hits back quoting ‘lack of commitment’

Contracts department monitoring Isoft’s future

Dirty driving – paying for C O2 emissions, key to cheaper cars

Labour launches first of ‘fast-tracked’ documents

Transport Minister launches bribery inquiry

Business leaders want government to live by its commitment to increase productivity

Court finally puts paid to Mintoff’s water services charade

For & Against: Raising Gozo fares

Sane science for a mad summer
Jellyfish, fireworks, and the follies of the rationalisation of development zones – it’s a mad summer alright, and Prof. Victor Axiak explains why by James Debono


Just like a river
Acrobats, children at play, and local characters make up Antoine Paul Camilleriís world. The artist is now exhibiting a selection of sculptural works and coloured drawings at Camilleri Paris Mode in Sliema. Gilbert Calleja caught up with him for a chat.

Business Today on Sunday

Industry “disappointed” with port reform

Former CEO appointed editorial consultant

BOV launches the eAccount

HSBC renews platinum membership with JCI Malta

Less passengers for Air Malta

Extolling low-airfares - George Mangion

Major equities breach support levels


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Shed Mintoffianism


When comment is not fair
- George Pullicino


The DG courts is acting illegally
- Anna Mallia

National conference on TV programming – sense and simplicity
- John G. Gorg-Bartolo


This fair building site
- Michael Falzon


Has the media fuelled the attacks?

100 per cent lies

A higher tax for high profits

Open letter to the PM and his Cabinet

Racism in Malta

Park and ride

Frans Sammut’s Da Vinci decoder


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