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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions



Top Story

7 per cent of Maltese would consider voting for extremists

James Debono

Judging by the results of MaltaToday’s June survey, the Maltese extremists from the far right may no longer be treated as a sick joke.



Brussels backtracks after MaltaToday breaks news of PN’s conflict of interest

Support for Labour grows, but trust barometer goes to Gonzi


Mugliett insists bypass is solution to Xemxija congestion

Wardens’ pet offence is “minor” contravention, Borg says

Golf course still on track, environment minister says

Raymond Aquilina wrongfully accused in land deals

Suspending the drums of war

High interest rates are bad news for home loaners

ADT boss steps down

Government pulls up socks over climate change

MLP refuses to rehabilitate Pawlu Muscat

Immigrants feared dead 100 miles off Malta

Falzon’s legacy: from ministerial discretion to Cabinet memos

Dirty war in Iraq

For & Against: ‘The Liberalisation of the motor hearse market’

Pullicino’s Pan dora’s box
George Pullicino’s ‘rationalisation’ of development zones has attracted great criticism with the Opposition calling it a sack of corruption. The minister claims he is not in politics to further his personal interests by James Debono

For the love of football
Kevin Grech catches up with Sandro Micallef and asks him about the upcoming Malta Football Awards.
by Kevin Grech


Behind the scenes
John J Borg, curator of the National Museum of Natural History is well aware that his role goes beyond the protection, study and display of fossils, insects, skeletons, shells, rocks and minerals. He speaks to Gilbert Calleja about World Environment Day and the museumís latest projects, activities and ëbehind the scenesí tours.

Business Today on Sunday

Less profits for airport as fewer Maltese travel abroad

Government’s cash flow ends with a potbelly

CBM publishes Q4 report for 2005

Four star hotel issues negative results

Maltese broadband solution for cruise ships

The canary in the mineshaft - By George Mangion


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A wake up call


Give me five
- Saviour Balzan


Nationalists are not racist
- Anna Mallia


Bye Bye happiness
- Claire Bonello


So what’s wrong about being last?
- Evarist Bartolo



Wind power in Malta

Replying to Josie Muscat

Enhance Gozo’s heritage

To anyone who cares about Malta

Passport control in Italy

Adoptions from Pakistan

That pension age

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