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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Top Story

Maltacom ‘clumsy’ share price offer a far cry from Mid-Med bank sale

The shock announcement last week of the starting price of Lm1.51 per share for the sale of government’s 60 per cent stake in Maltacom when the national telecoms company had been trading on the market the same day at Lm2.15 per share, has led to widespread angst among thousands of private shareholders who are fearing for the value of their investment.



Only 30 drivers test positive for alcohol in 2005

The Church should report paedophiles says survey


Get everyone together’

Micallef battles GWU press

Floriana lion still flanked by unwanted sword

Speranza funds application turned down

Sant Cassia murder: man arraigned

Teens top patients in 2005 for alcohol intoxication

Lm300,000 for a decade of violence

The crane that dwarfs Preluna hotel

Lackeys, loyals, budebbus, PN’s joke for April fool’s

Italy’s elections: stadium antics in the media circus

Grima’s helping hand to Berlusconi: “tell the communists I’m no monster”

Anthony M. Abela: the man who quantified values

Reagan’s cronies, US neocons on cruise to Malta

Migrants’ convention changes difficult but EP pledge still useful

For & Against: Low cost airlines


Italian blood, Maltese heart
The outgoing secretary-general of the European Greens is contesting the Italian elections for the centre-left Unione. Has AD candidate Arnold Cassola left the Maltese political scene? by James Debono


Poem to the people
Are poets really sad, marginalised individuals? Gilbert Calleja met Sergio Grech to discuss the misconceptions surrounding the writing, the reading and the pleasures of poetry.


One final good dividend

Market moved by Maltacom

Five new capital secured funds from HSBC

Banking on Malta

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You’ll never walk alone


Political fatigue
- Saviour Balzan


From EU to UE
- Anna Mallia


Tell us about the Promised Land then
- Claire Bonello


Smashing the barometer
- Evarist Bartolo


The low cost airlines saga

Jesmond Mugliett stands by his roads

Embarrassing Ghajn Tuffieha

Condemnation of arson

No Divorce, no problem

Give Dom credit where credit is due

Incorrect information about ic-Cumnija

Today seminars

Daniel Delicata Foundation and Amanda Attard

Pensions: incredible youth discrimination!

Protecting society from pornography’s perversions

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