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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Top Story

Less than Lm4,200 a year declared by half of Malta’s self-employed

James Debono

Middle-income earners and salaried employees are the main contributors to the country’s exchequer, according to MaltaToday’s analysis of figures presented to parliament on Monday.



Disabled B’kara charity exposed as a sham

Zammit Dimech hits back, decision on low-fares imminent

Departing now from Malta: major tour operators

Auditor accuses MEPA of “gross act of vandalism” in Qala school

MaltaToday launches libel fund


Hunters’ company blocks access to Munxar headland

Police question Lowell’s adherents on arson attack

Gonzi meets steadfast Qui-Si-Sana residents

Malta link in eBay’s illegal transactions

Malta’s infringements on spring hunting under EU spotlight

Ministers’ three billion worth of ideas

New rector gets eight abstentions

Here’s our shameful human zoo

MEPs appalled at detention centres

‘Amoral familism’ root cause of ‘your problems’ - Boissevain

Sannat council members exit in turmoil

For & Against: Detaining asylum seekers


Lifting the blanket of fear
Social anthropologist Jeremy Boissevain coined the term ‘friends of friends’ in 1974, it is relevant thirty years later by Matthew Vella


Hubert Mugliette
For the past couple of months Hubert Mugliette was living the life of Mick, a schizophrenic streetwise character from Harold Pinterís ëIl-Kertejkerí as translated by Guzi Gatt. Mugliette talks to Gilbert Calleja about his involvement in theatre and the actor in Maltese society.


Lm 2.6 million profit before tax for GlobalCapital

Tug Malta ripe for privatisation

Grappling with the Lisbon Agenda

GFSG posts strong results

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Give civil society a chance
The transformation of our democracy from a representative democracy to a participatory one would signal a positive democratic development.


Revisiting Dom
- Saviour Balzan


Trade unionism is dead
- Anna Mallia


No saints and more killer fireworks
- Claire Bonello


Sannat answers with its vote

Time to grow up?

Unwanted priests

Labour’s meritocracy?

Entrenchment my foot

Bullied student

Who’s merit is it?

Teacher of Character

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