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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Top Story

GRTU in turmoil, Farrugia threatens resignation

James Debono

Long-standing GRTU director general, Vince Farrugia has threatened to “auto-suspend” himself from the post unless the organisation’s council agrees to a proposal he submitted so that the seven most voted members elected to the council would be chosen to occupy the GRTU’s official posts.



Drop in voters at Labour conference

“Boarded out” up for review

Company wins Lm43,000 after Lm109K rent bill waived

Muscat creates independent bloc for Cospicua elections


“Limited discretion” to waive prison sentence for drug sharing

Waste-to-energy solutions envisioned after 2013

Health Department to prosecute against poultry label abuse

Former Borg Olivier confidante to address right wing event

Sant claims UHM’s criticism unfounded

Baptism of Christ and national emblem most voted for euro

Gozo Curia says normal procedures followed in Nadur case abuse case

Coleiro asks parliamentary committee to discus surcharge

Zammit Dimech finally decides to tackle ‘content’ at PBS

Revitalising the vilified 1984 agreement will not bring Tripoli closer

Xenophobia, not refugees, are the threat – UNHCR

Art students complain about university’s priorities

Mtarfa housing estate to be built over catacombs

Feud between knights rages on

Like it or hate it, it’s democracy


No room for complacency
Family minister DOLORES CRISTINA wants to toughen up the laws for underage drinkers. But she says government’s action on the issue is no knee-jerk reaction by Matthew Vella


Getting intimate
SASHA and SAM are performing at St James’ Music Hall this weekend. Gilbert Calleja met with this musical couple for a chat.


Bridging the valley of budget deficits George Mangion

Evaluation committee for Maltacom share sale

German supermarket chain to open in Malta

Strong activity in local equities

New construction manager to spearhead AX Construction

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The high moral ground
- Saviour Balzan


Been there, choked on the tear gas – now stop it
- Claire Bonello


Breeders breed contempt
- Anna Mallia


100 proposals for tourism
- Evarist Bartolo


Don’t increase the drinking age

Gozo priest allegations

‘Labour set to lose Sannat majority’


Mellieha local council and Sunday observance

Waste of money

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