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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

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Inquiry delay turns Gozitan morgue into macabre spectacle

Matthew Vella

The mortuary at the Gozo hospital is the source of consternation on the sister island, as the bodies of five foreigners, believed to be immigrants who were crossing through the Mediterranean, have been kept in body bags at the mortuary for months on end pending a court decision to release them for burial.



First ever prosecution for alleged underwater thieves

Sannat mayor sends resignation to MLP

John Paul’s death event of the year for Maltese


Copycat website angers bargain travel company

Sant adamant not to apologise for violent Labour past

Malta engineer rains hope for Tsunami kids’ water problem

Generation gap marks New Year celebrations

Police refused to investigate officer’s wife on fraud charge

Cheaper to dispose treated water at sea – Austin Gatt

It’s cold in prison, but not just in Christmas

Here’s something you can’t understand

The other Christmases

Fingers pointed at MEPA for breach in Wied Ghollieqa dam

European Commission investigates PM’s golf plans

Sliema house collapse architect appointed DCC chairman

MEP Lilli Gruber highlights “anomalous” Maltese media

Childrens’ czar proposes national paedophile register

Where do we go from here?

Students’ association react to Gozo balcony incident


Malta’s forgotten corner
FR JOE MIFSUD, Bormla parish priest, says the people of the inner harbour town are prevented from developing because they are burdened by everyone else’s problems. by Michaela Muscat


Children’s art uniting nations
Children of the 191 United Nations Member States, including young Maltese participants from St Aloysius College, express their view of the world through art to ERIKA BRINCAT on the occasion of the United Nations’ 60th anniversary.



FOI attends European meeting of industrial confederations

MSE Index gains for fourth straight week

Maltacom launches international calling from mobile

Vodafone envisages positive 2006

Thou shall not gamble - George Mangion

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Looking back
This year was not a positive year yet it was neither excessively negative. On a positive note, it is worth emphasizing the reduction of the deficit.


‘I believe in Malcolm’
- Saviour Balzan


Have a nice Crimbo!
- Michael Falzon


Who’s Happy Christmas is it?
- Anna Mallia



Protecting the Sovereign Order of St John

Defending freedom of expression

PN should capitalise on its high

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