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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

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Former Labour MP allegedly earned Lm500,000 in fees

Former Labour MP Louis Buhagiar’s income from medical fees between 2000 and 2002 is likely to have tallied some half a million liri, as alleged by St Philip’s Hospital’s chief executive Dr Frank Portelli, himself a former Nationalist MP.




Fr Joe Borg to become Minister Francis Zammit Dimech’s audiovisual advisor

Bertu Mizzi turning Santa Marija valley into concrete basin

Damning PBS report says TVM approaching its “death”


Attard Montalto “docks” off on cruise holiday again

GWU protest without MLP approval

Bertu for ‘God and the Empire’

“The Maltese must be bad shooters” Stavros Dimas

MEP takes PN contract award to European Parliament

The Louis Buhagiar MaltaToday story

Malta’s heritage watchdog understaffed

MaltaToday takes MEP accounts request to EU Ombudsman

Former MP anoints son a “prince”

Gozo’s new bishop from sleepy village of Kercem

Zarb gives the Queen some Robespierre

Zebbug, St Julians, Mosta have greatest debts

Tonio Borg unfazed by ‘wave of drugs’ in prison

Antoine Camilleri 1922 – 2005

Studies debunk Gatt claims of costly clean energy

Loved by the old ignored by the young

Police intervene as UK journalist refuses ‘media bib’

Malta endorses CHOGM’s complaints on “adverse” EU sugar reforms

Briton punches nurse after holiday in Malta

Uganda CHOGM will take place - McKinnon

Zaren Vassallo found guilty of illegal employment

Bitter end for Welcomevents’ sacked UK stage designer

CHOGM – lots of talk will make you giddy


As Frank as you can get
Frank Portelli is not just a Nationalist militant but a straight talker and a neo-liberal by Saviour Balzan


Muse, artist and actress
Very artistic and extremely beautiful in an elfin kind of way, Marieclaire has an eternal child-like quality, and always conjures up images of Fairies and Butterflies in my head. By Erika Brincat


First innovation week to celebrate Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats

Vodafone’s 3G next year

Experts to thrash out Malta property bubble danger

Focus remains on larger companies

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A commitment to reform
There is a tendency for public speakers to get carried away when addressing a large crowd. Tony Zarb’s public outburst during Thursday’s protest is a case in point.


Straight talk
We have been asked to greet the Commonwealth leaders. But let’s face it, and I pick this word up from a BBC report, the Commonwealth is still seen to be an ineffectual gathering of world leaders, despots and dictators
- Saviour Balzan


The clash of symbols
- Harry Vassallo


Gambling is now a virtue
- Anna Mallia


Is the Queen bad news for the PN?
- Michael Falzon


With a pinch of salt

Spring hunting

Floriana park and ride

An addition to the circus

Illusionists and Realists

Greens for Sannat

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