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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Top Story

Real reasons behind PBS resignations revealed

Karl Schembri

PBS chairman Andrew Agius Muscat’s resignation has not only had to do with his job commitments as management consultant for Chef’s Choice, but it also came in the wake of a serious fall out with Investments Minister Austin Gatt about the PBS rebranding tender last August.



Confidential report shows Xarabank and Bondiplus net Lm294,000 in nine months

Zeppi l-Hafi lands in jail


“I bought the land without looking at the plans”

Sliema councillor still has to answer for MEPA allegations

PN’s Joe Falzon votes for Wied Moqbol quarry

Former MP defends imperial title in court

MEPA cautious on illegal billboard removal

Hilton extension to encroach on historic wall

Security services on high alert ahead of CHOGM

Lucrative government contracts shored up by ‘newcomer’

National Bank shareholders ready to push up the stakes

Maltese personalities banned on euro coins

PBS turned into ‘regime station’ – Sant

Robbie Borg has no cause to challenge us – Air Malta


Guess who’s coming to dinner?

A Commonwealth of ‘contrasts’

66 per cent do not know what CHOGM is


We are just doing our job
Alfred Sant comes across as a man with a few words, in this interview explaining what keeps him in the driving seat and where he sees Malta under a Labour government by Saviour Balzan


“Off limits”
Martha Marie Gauci is 23-year-old accomplished writer with a two-act play, various sketches and children’s plays under her belt. By Michaela Muscat


“Manufacturing sector still suffering from low order books & pricing pressures”

HSBC purchasing professional meet in Malta

Air Malta Announces 3rd Quarter 2005 Traffic Results

Revolutionary biofuels proposal shelved for two years

Strong demand in major banks

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Doing one’s homework
The property sales tax scheme announced in the budget is a case study on just how not to do things. It became immediately apparent to all that the scheme was ill-thought.


Tender times
We are all remorseful that Zeppi l-Hafi is residing at Kordin. Those who are probably feeling mortified by the fact that he is behind bars – where he rightly belongs – are those journalists who over the years concocted stories portraying Zeppi as the man with the halo.
- Saviour Balzan

This is (not) the news……
- Harry Vassallo

Kultura Rock
- Anna Mallia

Fiddler on the hoof
- Michael Falzon

Sport Opinion

A crisis in the boardroom
- Kevin Grech


Improving public transport

MEPA and billboards

Housing Authority… as I see it

MEPA enforcement in Rabat

The PM on PBS

Hal-Far, a visit 3 June 2005

Public service pre-retirement leave

Losing to Robert De Niro


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