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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

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Truth on Joe Mifsud sacking contradicts Montalto’s claim

Matthew Vella

The employment of Joe Mifsud as coordinator to the Labour delegation of MEPs was terminated by John Attard Montalto, the head of delegation, because his engagement was “not financially viable”, the MEP had told Mifsud in a letter.



Seven days of gluttony costs Sliema Lm7,000

Gonzi warns GWU on Sea Malta

Companies withdraw support for Baluci’s Africa concert


200 years since Trafalgar, find your Maltese ancestor

Alleged stabber faces Lm350k bail

A week since the announcement, PBS still without News Manager

GRTU asks EU to block new electricity tariffs

Zebbug council dumps bring-in site

Leave your name in the PN’s history, against payment

Study will determine whether pesticides will affect underground water resources say authorities

Honk if you like DVX! ANR frontman’s number plate

Resident parking zone to cover Sliema Strand

Fortress Malta – when Old Labour meets the far right?

Gatt talks of ‘strategy’ to disrupt Sea Malta privatisation

EP bureau declines access to MEP accounts “without discussion”

Double EIA bill for future developer if Xaghra l-Hamra fails

PN’s ‘living better’ Council kicks off without secretary general

Authorities on the watch-out for ducks “behaving strangely”

Lockerbie returns to haunt “tricky” Malta witness

Warrants suspended for Patrick Spiteri and Lawrence Pullicino


Fuel to the fire
With the budget round the corner, government will decide on Tuesday whether to raise water and electricity bills by some 102 per cent or raise fuel prices yet again. GRTU Director-General Vince Farrugia says his organisation will accept none of the two options and is calling on the EU to stop new tariffs by Karl Schembri

Sports Talk

Waiting for the Lion to roar
Kevin Grech talks to Valletta FC President Charles Camilleri about finances and the once great team’s position in the bottom half of the table by Kevin Grech


Rap with a cause
Fundamentalist Christians, Feminists, Social Democrats and Conservative politicians don’t have much in common.


Proposed tax changes for igaming operators
By George M. Mangion

EU25 overall tax burden at 40.3% of GDP in 2003

IoD Seminar to launch Revised Corporate Governance Principles for MFSA

Index peaks on increased activity

BOV focused on growth and performance

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Not as transparent as we believed
As we experience information flow or the lack of it within the institution we know as the European Parliament, we discover to our chagrin that the institution that pontificates over the rights and wrongs of Europe from the wind-swept Canary Islands to the icy Polish border is, in fact, an institution that prefers to keeps its doors closed.


State or Government
Some moons ago, I did pass a comment, did I not, about weddings being held at Girgenti…. the reactions were diverse. Typical for Malta, the reds applauded and the blues scorned the mention.
- Saviour Balzan

Are you a mushroom?
- Evarist Bartolo

Terrible TV
- Claire Bonello

Crisis: What crisis?
- Anna Mallia

Sports Opinion

£770,000 a week, what a wage!
- Kevin Grech


Welcomevents: two wrong hard facts

The Arts Council

Pandemic – awaiting a biological attack

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Barmy horsewhipping

Cars to get it again!

Brief confirms Sliema residents parking fees

Use welfare to pay off energy shortfall

Vat Lottery

New style religious oppression in EU Sweden

Golf can wait – tourism cannot

A false green landscape

Ban hunting to avert deadly flu

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