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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Top Story

Prime Minister raps Austin Gatt for ‘compromised’ key PBS appointment

Karl Schembri

After 18 months of job interviews and headhunting for the controversial post of news manager at the national broadcasting station, the Prime Minister’s office has decreed the whole process “compromised” when Times journalist Vanessa Macdonald was tipped for the top post by Austin Gatt’s ministry, despite her fourth placing on the PBS short list.




Chilean sailor from the Ship of Torture awaiting Malta extradition decision in Miami

Alleged threats lead to MLP 2’s stillbirth

Labour raises funds with detergents on TV shop


The strange world of stipend reform and how brothers share a common goal

Hunting ban “not being excluded” to fend off avian flu

Salini dredging started off without MEPA permit

Labour unveils ‘pragmatic’ reform to planning authority

Stage fright for Welcomevents as CHOGM closes in

‘Incitement’ accusation gets Architect and councillor in trouble

Malta singles out ‘abusers’ for speedy repatriation

Parking fees set in stone in MEPA-approved brief but Minister says it is only a ‘possibility’

Fuel bomb gives rise to searing anger

Foreign restorers quit Bighi as Heritage Malta moves in

Stipend threshold for employed university students removed

Culture minister noncommittal on underwater wreck amnesty

Zammit Dimech reveals little on golf consultants

Ic-Caqnu ordered to pay Lm 300 to former Siggiewi mayor

Wardija residents file judicial letter resisting mobile antenna

AD proposes cost-cutting measures before budget

Lady’s man PM trumps rivals with 42% trust

Next week on L-Ispjun: last month’s recording


Smash and grab
JOE BALDACCHINO has a simple policy on television – if you can pay for the airtime, you are welcome to form part of Smash TV’s atelier of political hobos and American televangelists by James Debono

Sports Talk

Basketball’s highs and lows
Kevin Grech talks to Basketball Association President Antonio Mizzi and discovers that interest in the game is on the rise by Kevin Grech


Project Africa
None of them really want to leave their own country... so by investing in their future we will be reducing the possibility of the mass migration of people Project Africa



Proposed tax changes for igaming operators
By George M. Mangion

HSBC shareholders meet management team

Farsons reports lower profits for first half

New billing system for Vodafone’s wi-fi customers

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The fuel price game
The rumpus over the price of fuel and the declarations by Minister Austin Gatt and junior finance minister Tonio Fenech cannot be left unanswered.


Tarzan, Jane… and do you have a borza?
Evenings in tuxedos are not my cup of tea, so what I write here is based on the notes of one of the reporters who on Friday night witnessed the opening of the new hotel at Ghajn Tuffieha.
Saviour Balzan

Global pipedreams
- Harry Vassallo

King Tony and the knights who shun the table
- Michael Falzon

- Anna Mallia

Maghtab yes, Xaghra l-Hamra no
- Evarist Bartolo

Sports Opinion

The right to ask
- Kevin Grech


Thank God for small mercies (at PBS)

Not the Lord

The Arts Council and the theatre

The plans for a new golf course at Golden Bay

Exempt from parking fees

Nova tours complaint “unfounded”

Fort Cambridge development

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