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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Top Story

Austin Gatt discusses Lm8m offer with National Bank shareholders

Matthew Vella
MaltaToday can reveal that Investments Minister Austin Gatt is having discussions with representatives and shareholders of the National Bank of Malta in which an Lm8 million compensation package has been offered to the former shareholders who signed off most of their shares under duress to Mintoff’s socialist government thirty years ago.



Falzon’s no comment over bid to rope in new leader

TVM’s Tista’ Tkun Int soars as NET plunges


Sannat council secretary files protest against own mayor

More than Lm1 million needed for Interprint’s termination deals

‘Bagit’ consultation document unveiled

Wardija residents protest against mobile phone antenna

‘Immoral’ NGOs can be refused state recognition

Labour’s proposals for Gozo

Pandemic death count could reach 500, health minister says

206 immigrants land in Xlendi

Eddie terminates agricultural leases equivalent to 22 full size football grounds

Single mothers “not a priority” for children’s commissioner

Parking nightmare? The worse is yet to come

The Guillotine Workers Union’s self-beheading strategy

Proportionality on electoral boundaries hamper future threshold

Peppi’s kiosk threatens Spielberg with court over verbal agreement

Times journalist eyed for PBS news manager’s post

Had the Inquisitor been chief justice

Japan car imports double as registration hike fails


No time to waste
Transport minister Jesmond Mugliett does not ride buses, and will not be losing any sleep over driving into Valletta with his government car and leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill. It’s called setting the example, but not the good one. by Matthew Vella


Rising Lilies
The Summer University of Performing Arts kicked off on the 29 July and is presenting a number of varied performances up until the 31 August 2005 at the MITP Theatre in Valletta. by Erika Brincat

Sports Talk

The success they call rugby
MRFU President Kevin Buttigieg, talks to Kevin Grech about Malta’s successful rugby team



Economy operating below optimal levels

MEA calls for early settlement of GWU-government dispute

Chamber “surprised” and “perturbed” with VAT amendments

Opinion: Please use next window

HSBC launches eco-friendly promotions

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Give us a break!
For years the Nationalist brand has been associated with economic growth, good management of the economy and most especially, low taxes.


My mistress is on CCTV
Just when we thought we could run around freely with our mistress (and lovers), the government unveils its Orwellian plan. Cameras will film our very movement.
- Saviour Balzan

Relax Jason – it’s only a figure of speech
- Claire Bonello

Of pigs and men
- Evarist Bartolo

Leonardo’s helicopter
- Harry Vassallo

Scrap those electoral laws!
- Anna Mallia

Sports Opinion

What’s more exciting?
- Kevin Grech

Aspire today, inspire tomorrow
- Miroslav Marcikic


Defending doctors

I was a freemason

The use of cameras for law enforcement


Distorted quote

Golf course refusal on the cards from the start

Ban large dogs from government flats

Chromosomes and genes

Lessons of history

The new VAT bill and the businessmen

Sant’ Antnin and the Birds Directive

Secularisation brought many ills

At the Gay Pride in spirit

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