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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Government planned to inject Lm2 million into Sea Malta in 2002

James Debono

A capital injection of not less than Lm2 million into the ailing Sea Malta corporation had been committed by means of a written commitment by the finance ministry back in January and March 2002, this newspaper can reveal. Yet for some unknown reason the government never got down to realising this pledge.



Porn and debts haunt Zebbug local council

Attard Montalto battles MLP party “hooligan”


Two boatloads of immigrants reach Maltese shores

Malta Desalination Services director resigns on conflict of interest query

PN vows to “give message to Europe” on iced up Constitution

Malta increases Carbon dioxide emissions by 29% in 2003

Wenzu Mintoff denies being Labour’s inquisitor

Schembri Adami’s apartment on sale for Lm58,000

Man jailed in Malta pleads not guilty to US terrorism charges

Paltry Lm10,000 offer for Magic Kiosk

Amnesty highlights asylum plight in Malta

Gatt’s electric chairs

New statute will make Malta’s MEPs richer by Lm30,000 a year

Deloitte partner says Priceclub directors were fully aware of deteriorating state

“Relevant” Commonwealth will bring 4,000 delegates to spend money in Malta

RAF gunner back in Malta to recount capture of Lampedusa


Abandon ship
Sometimes, it takes a woman with the proverbial balls to do what has to be done. Indomitable Marlene Mizzi explains her decision to ship out and why Sea Malta never deserved its privatisation fate. by James Debono


Art & Soul
UK born Marco Brown developed an interest in the world of art at an early age.



First two outlets open at Valletta Waterfront

Senior management appointment at Air Malta

The EU crisis – will the walls of Jericho crumble?

Malta-Libya collaboration in higher education

Abolishing tax on car registration welcomed by Dr Attard Montalto

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Lessons to be learnt
The Sea Malta controversy raises many issues both financially and ethically which require serious analysis.


He knows not that he does not know
What happened this week proves beyond doubt that Dr Lawrence Gonzi does not know that he does not know, a dangerous malaise that takes hold when someone parachutes out of an aeroplane and does not know what to do next.
- Saviour Balzan

Save our Seas
- Anna Mallia

Reflections: She “just won’t let go”
- Georges A. Magri

Dismantling the Socialist State
- Michael Falzon

Shame and Blame
- Harry Vassallo



Woolly declaration in The Times

Perit Galea’s DCC was censored three times

Improving our tourist product

Underdeveloped but not abjectly poor

Crematorium compared to concentration Auschwitz

God, save me from the Favas of this world!

Valuing the work of NGOs

He was joking – wasn’t he?

Involuntary humour

Ryanair’s Girona and Porto

Where is the public respected?

Rent reform

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