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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions

Only 62% of MLP executive say yes to EU Constitution

James Debono

Only 35 members of the Malta Labour Party’s national executive out of a total of 56 participated in the meeting in which a unanimous vote was taken in favour of a qualified yes to the European Constitution.



No guarantees abortion will not be used as election issue

Wanted Maltese dealer of Iraq antiquities is in Canada

No conflict for MLP Social Housing spokesman


Thinking out of his mind, Edward de Bono’s football follies

Sliema house collapse architect appointed DCC member

AD – Government finances are off track

Bargain Holidays denies meeting MTA

Aborted investigation by Maltese Monsignor into sexual abuses leads to international outrage

Drake unaware of her commission’s position on abortion clause

Smash TV wants free-to-air frequencies before offering its service to new digital providers

The false heir – how Sammut cheated sister to inherit aunt who feared him

Bahrija defence tells Court of Jimmy Sammut’s death threat

Junk food sold in schools

Incentives to solar energy still in the pipeline

Ghaxaq’s insignia dilemma

European Commission queries media ban in detention centres

Frattini – no notification yet on asylum standards from Malta

Gaming authority monitoring possible Venezia sale

Brussels clears the way for ADT on open-top safety issue

Opt-out from what? Maltese work less than 48 hours anyway

MEPA schizophrenia with DCC head in planning conflict

The liberal elite, the people Borg can’t understand

Gays call for MEPs to vote for Moraes Report

Will he ever get it right?



“We can do it better”
As he eyes his next electoral victory, Alfred Sant argues that Labour’s success is unstoppable by James Debono


Musical globetrotting
Multi-instrumentalist Ruben Zahra, the son of novelist Trevor Zahra, has become one of the island’s most prolific musicians and composers, taking his art all over the world and exporting Maltese folk music and rhythms practically across the entire globe, even making his mark in Hollywood as a composer.


Government in research and development limbo

Ernst Funk to leave Air Malta

New Hilton general manager wants to “know and feel” Malta

Malta Financial Services Authority issues warning

Workers opting to beat the clock





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Taking the citizen for granted
Jean Monnet, the French inspiration behind the European project once said that Europe would be made by crises and the solutions to the crises.


Are you listening?
The French and Dutch have spoken and notwithstanding the extent of their NO vote, there are many who insist on describing the French and Dutch as numbskulls.
- Saviour Balzan

Who will feed the cows?
- Evarist Bartolo

Banks can’t be bothered and ministers’ bluff
- Claire Bonello


Government’s fundamentalism

Malta’s destroyed coastline

Employment – a fundamental Human Right

Fr Mark – the silence of the stray lamb

Their master’s voice

Chiara’s star still going strong

Appreciation – Julian Manduca

Liverpool fans angry with Joe Mifsud

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