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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

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Julian Manduca
1958 – 2005

Julian Manduca died suddenly on Tuesday night at his residence in Valletta.  Aged 46, Julian Manduca was the consultant editor at MaltaToday and The Malta Financial & Business Times. Choppy as he was known to his friends was an investigative journalist specialising in environmental issues, he was also responsible for the cultural and sports section at MaltaToday. Before joining MaltaToday in 2001 he co-ordinated Friends of the Earth Malta and was a leading activist in the first local environmental movements namely Zghazagh ghall-Ambjent and later Moviment ghall-Ambjent.

An outspoken critic of the establishment, Julian was noted for his progressive ideas and his unwavering interest in the waste management and land use crisis. He was strongly opposed to the Hilton Hotel and Tower development and the granting of permits of Golf courses at Verdala, Rabat and Ta’ Cenc in Gozo.  He was undoubtedly Malta’s leading environmental writer and a hawkish watchdog of the Environment ministry, Wastserv and MEPA’s performance.

Julian Manduca was an intrepid and liberal writer who cared little for questioning the status quo. He struck a chord with many others who welcomed his idealism and persistence but was also misunderstood by some who found his determination a threat.

He was remembered not only in the journalistic and environmental fields but also in the cultural scene.  In the eighties he was instrumental in keeping the University film club alive with its brand of films. His marriage to Irene led him head on into theatre, where they set up a local theatre production house, Actinghouse Productions, bringing a new dimension into the theatre scene.

His colleagues at MaltaToday will remember him for his down to earth approach to life in general. His high ideals, his unbelievable work ethic and his persistence in following a news story describe Julian best. He loved life, music, soccer and friendships and people reciprocated his charm, energy and warmth with affection. He was a kind and welcoming person. He will be dearly missed and it will not be easy to find someone with the same enthusiasm and boldness.  He leaves to mourn, Irene his wife, his brothers Philip, Victor and Simon, sister Sarah, family and friends.

Saviour Balzan




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Cobbler in sex charges liberated from harassing disabled woman

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Research projects to have their day

No permits for Disney park at Bahrija, despite misleading ads

Rabat and Mdina vie for Casinò Notabile

Discipline in Paola secondary school ‘exasperating’

Doing away with the “jurassic” Junior Lyceum exam

Hash and E are Malta’s most popular, but data remains scarce

Tax credit limits for returning women are wrong and discriminatory – Council of Women

Attard Montalto will publish personal EP accounts

Casinò di Venezia super-fraudsters brought to justice by Italian police

Five weeks on, government mulling plastic bag hiatus

Malta hopes for diplomatic resolution in Libya dispute


Silence of the stray lamb
Fr Mark Montebello, rebel Dominican priest, is told to shut up once again by Archbishop Joseph Mercieca, but his silence is not at all golden by James Debono


Musicals are my forte
Nikki Farrugia is a regular in the stage productions of Ray Mangion’s ActReact. She is an actress, dancer and singer so musicals are her obvious forte.


British American Life declares 5 per cent bonus rate

Multiplus awarded frequencies to operate a digital television service

Business Bureau says working time directive is major threat to Malta’s competitiveness

Heathorns choose maltaNET co-location facility

Luring French investment to Malta



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The work-life balance
The vote in the European parliament in favour of scrapping the opt-out clause in a proposed revision of the EU working time directive has fuelled the controversy on people’s work-life balance.


He happens to be the deputy Prime Minister apart from also acting as the deputy leader of the Nationalist party.
- Saviour Balzan

The electoral system? Scrap it!
- Michael Falzon

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll
- Anna Mallia


Unfounded report

Gaia’s protection of Ramla

Rent regulation?

Promoting Maltese fruit and veg

Is the church creating sinners just to punish them?

The usual suspects

Abortion and the Constitution

Councillor misinforming Sliema residents

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MaltaToday celebrates 5 years
MaltaToday has multiplied eight-fold
“Readers appear fed up of being inflicted with press statements, a constant dose of party politics and spin doctoring. They are still interested in reading good news stories, but they want them to be well presented, articulately written and attractively illustrated. They want to read about society and about what is happening in the world around them And they cannot stand being preached to.”
So ran MaltaToday’s first editorial November 19, 1999, precisely 5 years ago .
MaltaToday was purposely launched as a Friday newspaper; it would later convert to a Sunday newspaper. It was a ploy concocted to avoid unnecessary competition from the giants published on a Sunday.
The front page of edition number one carried stories about ‘Corpses left in bed at Boffa hospital’, ‘No Air Malta flights after 10pm on New Year’s’Eve. Other stories interestingly covered the ‘9.2 million owed to MDC’, ‘Maltese will not be an official language’ and ‘We’re Arabs after all…’.
There were interviews with Joe Dimech, Jesmond Mugliet, John Lowell and footballer Joe Cilia.
The opinion pages were graced with Pierre Portelli, Miriam Dalli and MaltaToday editor then, as now, Saviour Balzan. A satirical column with the theme; ‘Where are they now’ took former Labour minister Joe Grima to task.
The 28 page newspaper also carried an colourful entertainment magazine called ‘This Week’ which has since been replaced.
Starting off with sa

les of less a thousand and struggling to break into the market, MaltaToday five years down the line has multiplied sales more than eight fold and is one of the leading Sunday newspapers. MaltaToday together with The Malta Business & Financial Times is owned and published by Newsworks Limited and both newspapers were one of the first to go online.

Business Times


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