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Feature - The Pope
Wojtyla – a Pope full of contrasts

Current weather conditions


Labour converts as PN backtracks on national quota threshold

Only a few may have noticed, but in a live TV show on Friday, Labour opposition leader Alfred Sant signalled his party’s agreement to a five per cent national electoral threshold for the first time...



Libya plans to expand fishing fleet in ‘conservation zone’

Gonzi does little to quell reshuffle rumours

Patrick Spiteri offered me $3,000 to forget Stg150,000” – Bricusse


Gonzi lambastes electoral commission

Local government director shirks responsibility on illegal employment

Exposed: Malta issued new trapping licences when it promised the EU that it would not

Ssssh! The Prime Minister is listening

Women told tax credits are not for family employment

Stakeholders give little support on waste strategy – Ministry

Poor turnout for May Day – sign of the times?

Either me or Karmenu – Sant’s threat to Xarabank

A3 FM closes down, Radio Calypso ‘resurrects’

MLP declares blackout on EU Constitution

New editor for sister newspaper

Maltarightnow back to life

Ghadira concessions will be regulated

Cappuccino in Valletta costs 20 per cent more in Euro

Zammit Dimech non-committal on transsexual pageant

Investigation kicked off into slow-motion work at Xghajra

Stavros Dimas confirms, Ta’ Cenc still not in Natura 2000

Voting Blair to get Brown


Killing Malta’s heritage softly

Heritage: Threats and thieves

Any future for our past?
Why should a country that has more speed cameras on the road than surveillance cameras in its priceless world heritage sites be shocked by cultural vandalism? Heritage Malta Chairman Mario Tabone concedes the point, but is also acting on it by Karl Schembri


Capturing women nude
Architect Lawrence Buttigieg is one of Malta’s leading artists and he has been so since the 80s. Over the past five years Buttigieg’s interest in portraiture has been focused on the female nude form.


Strong half year performance by BOV

Banking pioneers honoured by HSBC

Gaming London conference by PKF

ITS launches e-learning centre

Corinthia hosts HelmsBriscoe Symposium



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Cultural heritage in peril
Cultural heritage is in the spotlight once again after vandals struck at Malta’s most prominent historical monument, the Portes des Bombes at Floriana.


I am a pompous ass
I am informed that notary Sammut, who was discovered with a loaded Beretta at an airport check-in, has instituted libel proceedings against me as editor of this newspaper.
- Saviour Balzan

Strawberry Fields Forever – right here
- Claire Bonello

Walking on water
- Harry Vassallo


Busuttil and Casa say they will not boycott MaltaToday

Can a vote of no confidence be stopped?

Incorrect about the US and search of motor vehicles

A civilised society depends on proper court sentencing and just laws

Clean St George’s Bay

On priestly celibacy

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MaltaToday celebrates 5 years
MaltaToday has multiplied eight-fold
“Readers appear fed up of being inflicted with press statements, a constant dose of party politics and spin doctoring. They are still interested in reading good news stories, but they want them to be well presented, articulately written and attractively illustrated. They want to read about society and about what is happening in the world around them And they cannot stand being preached to.”
So ran MaltaToday’s first editorial November 19, 1999, precisely 5 years ago .
MaltaToday was purposely launched as a Friday newspaper; it would later convert to a Sunday newspaper. It was a ploy concocted to avoid unnecessary competition from the giants published on a Sunday.
The front page of edition number one carried stories about ‘Corpses left in bed at Boffa hospital’, ‘No Air Malta flights after 10pm on New Year’s’Eve. Other stories interestingly covered the ‘9.2 million owed to MDC’, ‘Maltese will not be an official language’ and ‘We’re Arabs after all…’.
There were interviews with Joe Dimech, Jesmond Mugliet, John Lowell and footballer Joe Cilia.
The opinion pages were graced with Pierre Portelli, Miriam Dalli and MaltaToday editor then, as now, Saviour Balzan. A satirical column with the theme; ‘Where are they now’ took former Labour minister Joe Grima to task.
The 28 page newspaper also carried an colourful entertainment magazine called ‘This Week’ which has since been replaced.
Starting off with sa

les of less a thousand and struggling to break into the market, MaltaToday five years down the line has multiplied sales more than eight fold and is one of the leading Sunday newspapers. MaltaToday together with The Malta Business & Financial Times is owned and published by Newsworks Limited and both newspapers were one of the first to go online.

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