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Europe obliges Malta to allow asylum seekers to seek work

Matthew Vella

A European Union Directive whose provisions come into force on Sunday 6 February, is expected to allow asylum seekers access to the labour market after a stipulated period of time from the date of their application for asylum.


Public holiday reform to go ahead as social pact discussions fail

Far-right councillor throws in the towel

Farrugia wants MLP to win on its own steam


Party journalists are not doing their job well according to PM

Speculators eyed military barracks earmarked for astro-observatory

Population census may be postponed

Discriminatory Lm50 Gozo helicopter flight ‘should be no problem’ says Minister

Kerosene, a hike too late gives little joy

Mgarr terminal completion postponed yet again

Political hatred stalks former MLP Secretary General

MEPA still without a director of environment

Air Malta closes Heathrow customer desk as KLM takes charge

Fair competition office found no problems with Priceclub’s purchase of Happy Saver

My supermarkets were sold to Priceclub for Lm5 million and they took on Lm2 to 3 million worth of debts – Frans Gauci

We want to improve things at Sant Antnin

Officer who allegedly dumped Nardu Debono’s corpse still working at Valletta Police station

Opposing views on eco-contribution refunds

“It’s unbelievable” says pensioners spokesman

Cases the AG called off



Fear ain’t his bedfellow
Labour MP Anglu Farrugia is untiring in his quest to see the MLP back in the driving seat of power. Here he talks about Alfred Sant, Labour dissidents, corruption and the EU Constitution - by Kurt Sansone


Creating one’s own religion
Erika Brincat is a young and up-coming poet with a penchant for things Eastern. She is widely-travelled and has drawn inspiration from her experiences.


Investigation into cheap computer plan launched

Changes to M&A laws expected in coming months

Government’s Lm100 million ICT investment ‘bearing fruit’

Lm2m programme for training of over 40’s



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Where is the beef?
The Labour Party is right to feel upbeat. It is riding on the crest of a political wave. Its party activists believe their party can win the next election and the party leadership too is smelling victory.


When saying sorry is not enough
If Alexis Callus loves his party more than himself, he should resign at once. I am not kicking the ball into anyone else’s court, as would be expected of me.
- Saviour Balzan

Justice going cheap
- Claire Bonello

I am Y 19
- Harry Vassallo

Discovering new lands
- Evarist Bartolo


Tony Formosa's world of sports
Racism is a killer


An open letter to Dr Anna Mallia

I will only be paying meter-read bills

Sports law is a mockery

The message from above

Help needed

‘Hurricane’ destroys donation plan

Unsustainable behaviour

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MaltaToday celebrates 5 years
MaltaToday has multiplied eight-fold
“Readers appear fed up of being inflicted with press statements, a constant dose of party politics and spin doctoring. They are still interested in reading good news stories, but they want them to be well presented, articulately written and attractively illustrated. They want to read about society and about what is happening in the world around them And they cannot stand being preached to.”
So ran MaltaToday’s first editorial November 19, 1999, precisely 5 years ago .
MaltaToday was purposely launched as a Friday newspaper; it would later convert to a Sunday newspaper. It was a ploy concocted to avoid unnecessary competition from the giants published on a Sunday.
The front page of edition number one carried stories about ‘Corpses left in bed at Boffa hospital’, ‘No Air Malta flights after 10pm on New Year’s’Eve. Other stories interestingly covered the ‘9.2 million owed to MDC’, ‘Maltese will not be an official language’ and ‘We’re Arabs after all…’.
There were interviews with Joe Dimech, Jesmond Mugliet, John Lowell and footballer Joe Cilia.
The opinion pages were graced with Pierre Portelli, Miriam Dalli and MaltaToday editor then, as now, Saviour Balzan. A satirical column with the theme; ‘Where are they now’ took former Labour minister Joe Grima to task.
The 28 page newspaper also carried an colourful entertainment magazine called ‘This Week’ which has since been replaced.
Starting off with sales of less a thousand and struggling to break into the market, MaltaToday five years down the line has multiplied sales more than eight fold and is one of the leading Sunday newspapers. MaltaToday together with The Malta Business & Financial Times is owned and published by Newsworks Limited and both newspapers were one of the first to go online.

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