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LETTERS | Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Killer dogs still a problem in Swieqi

The pack of dogs that appeared in the Swieqi, Pembroke area are still, over a week later, running around killing. Residents are scared to let their cats out, walk their dogs, or walk down the street while they are around.
This could have been sorted out on the first day as the dogs stayed in a pack in the same areas all day; but the police said it was nothing to do with them. Two days later the police came out to catch them, but the police have no clue what to do and the dogs are still around. This is unacceptable.
Unfortunately this mirrors the lack of any civil laws and protection of fundamental rights in our society. The government has done nothing to help anyone in civil society, by ignoring areas that affect our everyday lives.
The fireworks, dangerous dogs, road safety, a decent police force, storing fireworks, animal welfare and safety, animal abuse, illegal hunting, illegal building, no 24-hour animal hospital, no animal protection laws, no animal control unit, no enforcement of existing laws.
When it comes to our personal lives the government has ignored us too. No divorce, no cremation, no cohabitation rights, no laws to protect alternative people (tattoos, coloured hair, etc) getting work, no gay rights, no control of building contractors, taxi drivers, no help for small business... the list is endless.
Obviously the government subscribes to the rule that the more repressed and the less rights you have, the more you rely on the government… same rules the Church used to repress.
The government and police are servants we pay and nothing is being done to make our lives better. With such a weak opposition it is the people who have to change this... put pressure on MPs.
We are all important, including our animals and birds. Alternative lifestyles should be protected. Animals should be protected. Do they not realise how important they are to our quality of life? Example: if there were no insects in the world humans would die out within 5 years.
Let’s try and bring civil society into the modern age. We don’t want to remain behind the rest of Europe. Oh, and go catch the dogs.

Adrian Aquilina St. John

Saviour’s ‘so-called’ observation

In his Wednesday column, Mr Saviour Balzan, decided to dedicate a couple of paragraphs to the undersigned. He made it a point to inform his readers that the ‘so-called journalist from Xarabank’ discussing the MLP conference on Bondiplus happens to be the son of a former GWU representative who happens to be one of George Abela’s closest aides. It takes a lot of journalistic acumen to discover this piece of information! That’s what I call investigative journalism!
My familiarity with Mr Balzan’s articles tells me that this reply will prompt him to mention me again in some of his future articles. I sincerely hope that next time round Mr Balzan’s wise observations will not be limited only to my family tree and to its members’ political affiliations or sympathies. Hopefully, he will have the decency to at least discuss my arguments more than anything else; something which, for reasons known only to him, was completely missing in last Wednesday’s column.
Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my origins and of my father. However, I have a mind of my own, as every other person living in modern Malta has or should have, and I would like to be judged only on that. Is this too much to ask from Mr Balzan?
Moreover, in all honesty, the success of Dr George Abela’s candidature is none of my business. Of all people, Mr Balzan should know that the ball is now rolling firmly within the Labour Party’s delegates’ court. It is now only up to them to choose a leader able to attract would-be-if voters, as is the undersigned. Can this possibly be a scoop for Mr. Balzan?
Until that decision is taken, and on every other day and on whichever other subject, I, as much as every other citizen of this country, have a right, if not an obligation, to express my views and arguments in all the fora that are willing to listen. Obviously, with my point of view being so ‘straight and plain’, I live in the knowledge that it might embarrass some and commend others. But ultimately, this is not my problem.

Norman Vella

‘Yes we can’ Generation

Allow me to reply to the letter by Sharon Tanti of 7 May, 2008, entitled ‘Yes we can generation’. Correspondent stated that should Joseph Muscat win the Labour Party leadership contest, he would stand a good chance of becoming Malta’s prime minister in 2013, and as a consequence, this would help explain why she entitled her letter so.
Allow me to differ by pointing out that, contrary to what she stated, she could still have entitled her letter like so: ‘Yes we can continue to lose successive general elections’ (always if Joseph Muscat becomes leader).

Edward Torpiano

Smash TV’s World Cup broadcast

Reference is made to the article published in MaltaToday Midweek on Wednesday 14 May 2008. In this article reference is made to the World Cup 2006 TV Rights. In this article, apart from citing different articles of the Broadcasting Act, reference is also made to an agreement between Melita Cable and Smash Television for the latter to the be able to broadcast all the 64 World Cup matches in delayed format and the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and the Final Live. This article is misleading as it says only part of the truth in that occasion; in fact in order to be able to broadcast such matches, Smash Television made an investment effort by installing more repeaters in order to be able to reach all Maltese and Gozitan households. After such exercise the Broadcasting Authority certified Smash Television as being able to reach all Maltese and Gozitan households by terrestrial (antenna). Eventually Smash Television did show all World Cup 2006 matches in collaboration with Melita Cable and received a large amount of acclamation from the Maltese viewers for our efforts. It is also important to point out that Smash Television broadcasts 24 Hours a day on both Melita Digital and Melita Analogue, GO Plus (ex. Multiplus) and Free to Air on Channel 44 UHF.

Jesmar Baldacchino
Station Manager
Smash Communications Ltd.

Not mentioned in Labour electoral report

I refer to your report ‘Labour defeat report ready and waiting’ published on the front page of your edition of 14 May. I was extremely surprised to find my name mentioned in your newspaper since I absolutely had nothing to do with the election campaign of the Malta Labour Party. Thus, I assume, I am nowhere to be mentioned in the report.

David Borg
Via Email

Unhappy with medical board

I am a little upset and concerned about a decision taken by one of two doctors presently representing the government Social Service Medical Board hearing at a meeting I had on March 13, 2008 at 9:30a.m at Gozo General Hospital regarding medical certificates I have been making for the past two years about my health for my National Insurance to be paid.
It was so easy for this one doctor, to decide that I am fit to register for work regardless of my condition and without even looking at the recent certificate (Febuary 2008) I just handed in at same time to the other doctor present. His opinion was that I am still young (in September, I will be 57) because I may have answered to his questions that I wish to work or would like to work, except that my doctors tell me it would be hard to do so.
The certificate I handed to them that day was by one doctor whom to me is a great Neurological Surgeon, Anthony Zrinzo, who also performed the needed operation on me, 2 May, 2006 which said: ‘Mr Meilak is not fit for gainful employment because he is also not in a position to work even if he where given the opportunity to work light duties.’

Edwin Meilak
Nadur, Gozo

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