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Business • March 28 2004

The reverend did not condemn quasi-pornographic films being shown in Gozo

Joseph G Bonett

The post Vatican II theology that I studied specified that there is a clear distinction between the role of the laity and that of the ministerial priesthood. The laity is duty bound to Christianise the secular structures – while the priest is to minister to the spiritual needs of the people of God. In countries and under regimes which trample not just civil liberties, but also the right to benefit from fair trade and consumer goods and services with which human dignity is enhanced perhaps there is place at times for certain priests to lead popular movements of discontent.
Yet the region of Gozo and Malta today cannot be described being run by an inhuman regime. Yet Rev George Mercieca steps out and proclaims supposed shortcomings in Gozo stemming from decisions of a political and commercial nature and in so doing is divisive and to my mind detracts the energy he should be devoting to pasturing and to acting as a unifying beacon.
In his puerile reply to my letter Reverend George Mercieca did not join me and other lay contributors to the press in campaigning against a particular film verging on the pornographic released in Malta and very well attended even in Gozo. Neither does it seemed has he set pen to paper to lament the quasi pornographic videos being screened on the opposite side of the Victoria’s Curia façade just up the road at one particular coffee shop. So much for being a public relations officer of this or that Gozitan organisation.
But then, perhaps Rev. George had more interesting pastimes, such as walking his dog and fertilising Victoria’s street with his creature’s droppings for he is never seen carrying a plastic bag and cleaning implements. But then certain Victoria Gozo councillors seem keener on having a cheap laugh while watching such despicable films as mentioned above, with their consort, than enacting the appropriate bye-laws.




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