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News • March 28 2004

Government to add focus to meeting corporate environmental responsibilities

The Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment intends to have an officer within the same Ministry to co-ordinate the government Corporate Environmental responsibilities and the first task will have to be the co-ordination of a focal person on environmental matters from all Ministries, Rural Affairs and Environment Minister George Pullicino pledged this week.
Pullicino was addressing a seminar organised by Nature Trust (Malta) and the Malta Federation of Industry themed ‘European Union and Corporate Environmental Responsibility’.
Pullicino said that hopefully in the near future, the government will adopt a Green Tendering System, wherever possible.
Pullicino said that the launch of the Environment Fund was also another step in the right direction and by means of which Government is providing the tools for increased participation by the private sector in this highly sensitive and important area. He said that this Government is fully committed to improving our environment and this can be seen from the added responsibilities that have been given to the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment and the introduction of a Cabinet Committee for the environment.
However, he emphasised that the environment is not only the Government’s responsibility and everyone, including the Industry, NGO’s and the general public, all have to contribute towards the common goal of forwarding a better environment to our future generations.
Throughout his speech, Minister Pullicino dealt with the European Eco-Management & Audit Scheme (EMAS) standard and stated that companies that opted to invest in greener technologies, have registered a considerable increase in orders and sales buyers. This has been the case of Dowty ‘O’ Rings, and this is mainly due to the higher level of awareness that has led to entities and people in becoming more conscious in buying their products from companies who are respecting the global environment.
Pullicino said that one of the main objectives of this Government, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, is to improve the quality of our environment. This is a task that is being done not because of our EU membership but for the benefit of all citizens, the industry, its employees and their families.
Furthermore, the way forward is to be in line with EU directives and this will further enhance the quality of our companies and improve both on their products and profitability. Such practices within the industry will also contribute towards improving air quality, water and energy consumption, waste management etc. – in other words, the environment.




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