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News • February 22 2004

Meet the wife of the next Prime Minister

Karl Schembri

Being the wives of the three contenders for the top PN leadership post, they know one of them is going to be flanking the next Prime Minister in a few months’ time, but not all of them seem amused.
Take John Dalli’s wife, Josette. She accompanied her husband as he handed his nomination at the PN headquarters but is not in the mood of talking to the press.
“I’m sorry, I don’t like speaking publicly,” she said when contacted. “I just don’t.”
Reminded that she might soon be in the limelight as the wife of Malta’s Prime Minister, she replied: “If he wins, we’ll see.”
Louis Galea’s wife, Vincienne, believes that being the spouse of the premier is a difficult task. “But now I know quite well what public life means,” she adds.
Mrs Galea says all the family is now backing her husband in his leadership bid.
“I wanted him to contest but told him nothing at first, to let him reach his own decision freely,” she said.
“As soon as he decided, I told him I agreed, not just because I want to see him Prime Minister, but because it would be the fulfilment of his political life. Even our son, who at first told him not to go for it, ended up telling him he deserved to be Prime Minister upon returning from school. Now we’re following him everywhere.”
Asked how Dr Galea differed from the outgoing prime minister, Mrs Galea said: “He has a different character; he thinks a lot and consults people but once he’s decided, he makes sure things get done.”
Mrs Galea says she admires her husband for his vision.
“It’s impressive how he’s always thinking of how to change things for the better, and time has always proved him right,” she said.
Whoever the next Prime Minister is going to be, Mrs Galea says, jobs should be his first priority.
“We also have to get the best out of EU membership, and enhance solidarity,” Mrs Galea says. “If everyone does his bit, our country would be much better.”
Lawrence Gonzi’s wife, Catherine, is similarly enthusiastic about her husband’s decision to contest.
“All our family is supporting him,” she said. “God-willing, he’ll make it, but now I’m taking everything step by step. We already have a lot of commitments.”
Mrs Gonzi said the best Prime Minister would “serve the people and unite them despite their divergences,” something she is fully confident her husband is capable of doing. “But whatever the outcome of this contest is, I’m sure it will be for the best of Malta.”


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