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News • February 8 2004

Norman Lowell unveils grandiose march on Brussels tomorrow

Matthew Vella

Far-rightist Norman Lowell will be officially launching his candidature for the European Parliament tomorrow at 8pm at Fra Ben, in Qawra, adding his name to the list of hopeful MEP candidates from the whole political spectrum.
It will also be the first manifestation of the yet unknown Imperium Europa, the movement and concept which Lowell, who says he is 50, spawned in Credo, his "book for the very few," and which he claims gathers around 400 mostly young adherents. Invitees have been asked to dress in proverbially black attire, "casual but posh."
The former banker first hit mainstream notoriety with his radically caustic views on race and the ‘holy hoax,’ as he calls the holocaust, featured in Credo, where he rallied for the "judicious balance of capitalism and race" as the only way for the survival of the white race.
Refusing to be labelled a fascist, he favours the appellation of ‘revolutionary conservative,’ setting himself towering ideas to have Malta turned into its former pristine glory as part of his European Parliament campaign. A hard-line stance on immigration will also be at the heart of his electoral romp: "My election to the European Parliament is the only opportunity for Malta to avoid becoming a Haiti of the Mediterranean, thanks to the priests and monsignors who have succeeded in unleashing these Africans in our midst. Their children, supposedly going to school at the higher secondary or MCAST, never turn up for their lessons and get away with a Lm60 stipend. They are a financial and economic burden, as they take work in factories at half our wages as Maltese get fired in their hundreds.’
His grandiose project, however, is forming a new right-wing political grouping called Nuova Europa, to which he expects to be designated as one of its "natural leaders," when elected. The bloc will draw in federalists such as the Lega Nord, and other far-right parties like Alleanza Nazionale, Vlaams Bloc, Le Pen’s Front National and Haider’s FPÖ. He is confident that eventually, Nuova Europa will grow into the largest grouping and elect the European Commission.
"Everything’s going to happen in 2012," Lowell ominously predicts of the intersecting year which will greet the Mayan apocalypse and the Hindu’s dawning of the golden age, which according to Imperium’s founder, will be hosting cataclysmic events from the year, and the coming of a new era for Nuova Europa.
"It is in that manner that I will be able to bypass the parliamentary whorehouse and turn this island from a rubbish dump back to its pristine beauty in a matter of three years," he assures, on plans to turning the island into the spiritual focal point of the coming Imperium Europa: "Tourists will be booking their travel here five years in advance. It will be their hajj, a spiritual pilgrimage."
And despite the lofty electoral threshold, Lowell is undeterred by the heavyweight rivals from the main political parties, whom he calls political pygmies:
"This is not an election like the rest. I am on my own, ‘una voce vera, la verità, la realtà.’ I am appealing to those 20 per cent who understand me, and who hold their noses every five years to vote for either the squalid socialists or the christian-hypocrisy. This is the only chance for them to liberate themselves from the dictatorship of those other 80 per cent, and give their progeny and the children of the other 80 per cent an island as it was handed to us by our fathers."


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