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MaltaToday - Malta’s fastest growing newspaper

Readership of MaltaToday grew by a staggering 152 percent in under twelve months. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by ‘Informa’ consultants. The survey confirms that MaltaToday is the fastest growing newspaper on the island with 4.3 percent of the newspaper market share compared to the 6.4 percent of it’s main rival, The Malta Independent on Sunday.
MaltaToday stood at 1.7 percent a year ago. The survey was carried out after the elections. MaltaToday’s increased readership is reflected in this newspaper’s sales records which have shot up during the last year. The Malta Independent on Sunday dropped by 6 percent during the same period.

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Current weather conditions



Stark reality to a uncomfortable fact

To argue that the deficit problem is not linked to economic planning is wrong. One should not forget that for the last 17 years the PN has been in government and ruled this country...


TV come home

Impressed by our TV fare, Matthew Vella muses about programmes and presenters that are not prime time stars...


Former eurosceptic rocks MLP euro-boat

Defeated Labour candidates Sharon Ellul Bonici and Manuel Cuschieri are so upset with their non-election to the MLP European Parliament candidature ticket that they are hoping the outcome will be overturned.
Their hopes have been taken up by Kalkara Mayor Michael Cohen, who is lobbying for the Party’s decision to field only four candidates at the European Parliament elections to be changed...

Maltese authorities unperturbed by death of 30 horses

Matthew Vella
The office of the Chief Veterinary have failed to identify the importer of 30 foals that died in transit to Malta from Holland, telling this newspaper the office and the quarantine officials are only made aware of incoming animals upon arrival on Maltese shores...

The forgotten ones

‘Imprisoned’ asylum seekers detained for over two years

Matthew Vella
The ordeals of asylum seekers who land on the Maltese islands are slowly turning into a humanitarian crisis with almost half of the 514 asylum seekers in Malta having been detained for anything between one and two years.

Mediators will be appointed for all separating couples

Government moves in to support marriage crisis

Julian Manduca
The government is planning to set up a comprehensive structure to assist families that are in the process of separating, MaltaToday can reveal.
The plan aims not only to help those wanting to separate, but also separated couples that wish to change the terms and conditions of their separation; families that have children born out of wedlock and un-married families with children....

Archaeological remains found under Cathedral sacristy

Julian Manduca
A number of archaeological remains some of which date from the Tarxien temple period have been found when digging was carried out in a room under the sacristy, MaltaToday has learned....

Leaflets distributed to parishioners to put pressure on MEPA

Julian Manduca
The Gozo Cathedral Parochial Office is so frustrated with its attempts to obtain planning permits it has resorted to lobbying its parishioners to exert pressure on MEPA, MaltaToday has learned...

BICAL Controller fronts Lm30,000 needed for Excelsior re-trial

Matthew Vella
The BICAL Controller, Robert Gatt, has accepted to front Lm30,000 in pre-emptive legal expenses as a guarantee to commence legal proceedings for a re-trial in the Excelsior ownership case...


Mater Dei Hospital Project – Victim of a misinformation campaign

BA awards shambles

Christianity – a ‘dirty’ word


Central intervention rate left unchanged

End October government debt up 17 per cent

Coin launch commemorates malta’s EU accession



Numbers, targets and cash

Finance Minister John Dalli is confident that Malta will get out of the economic doldrums it is in and augurs that the social pact will be signed by June. Here he speaks to Kurt Sansone about the budget and its after-effects.

Sour autumn’s chill

Charles Mangion, MLP deputy leader and finance spokesperson tells MATTHEW VELLA Dalli’s budget lacks the necessary ingredients for economic growth, and that now, the chickens have finally come home to roost.



Pushing the boundaries of theatre

Jes Camilleri’s name is becoming almost synonymous with theatre. In this interview he explains why he is more interested in artistic accomplishment than the commercial success of the plays he acts in.


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