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MaltaToday - Malta’s fastest growing newspaper

Readership of MaltaToday grew by a staggering 152 percent in under twelve months. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by ‘Informa’ consultants. The survey confirms that MaltaToday is the fastest growing newspaper on the island with 4.3 percent of the newspaper market share compared to the 6.4 percent of it’s main rival, The Malta Independent on Sunday.
MaltaToday stood at 1.7 percent a year ago. The survey was carried out after the elections. MaltaToday’s increased readership is reflected in this newspaper’s sales records which have shot up during the last year. The Malta Independent on Sunday dropped by 6 percent during the same period.

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Current weather conditions



Working together to achieve common ‘tourism’ objectives

The news that Malta’s tourism prospects are down will be welcomed by no one. Tourism provides much needed jobs, foreign currency and income to many Maltese...


Let justice be served

Kurt Sansone comes to terms with a bout of cynicism
The Qormi mayor was justifiably worried about the damage the storms caused to his locality and its residents...


REVEALED: KMB's naïve and ruthless treatment of Pace's business empire

The MaltaToday team continue to report in this exclusive reportage on the BICAL bank scandal

Banks can earn interest on customers’ cheques awaiting clearance

Julian Manduca
Commercial banks can earn interest on cheques deposited waiting clearance MaltaToday has learned. "Banks can use the money from the second day, when credit is received at their settlement account at the Central Bank of Malta," Central Bank deputy Governor David Pullicino told MaltaToday...

MaltaToday vindicated on St Luke’s incinerator replacement story

A front-page story carried in MaltaToday was vindicated when the director of contracts confirmed that the company awarded the tender for the replacement of the St Luke’s incinerator is not in a position to honour its commitments.

Malta likely to buy pollution rights

Renewable energy sources not being considered by Enemalta

Julian Manduca
Malta may have to purchase excess emission quotas from countries that do not pollute so much if it does not meet its international Kyoto commitments, MaltaToday can reveal.

Hospital customer care indifferent about missing medical file saga

Kurt Sansone
It was meant to be a routine check-up for a female patient at St Luke’s outpatient clinic on Tuesday, only it turned out to be a terribly frustrating experience after hospital staff broke the news that her medical file was lost.

Alfred Mifsud questions Sant’s credibility claim

Kurt Sansone
The Labour Party leadership has followed up the launch of its new EU policy with a concerted effort in the Labour-leaning press to convince confused Labour supporters that accepting EU membership is now the best option...




My religion does not allow me to support divorce

While the media is pointing its finger at the government, Dolores Cristina is pointing her finger back, as Julian Manduca found out While we often try to simplify matters and see them in black and white, we know that the truth of the matter is that life is all shades of grey.


On the Spot... with Marc Cabourdin

Marc Cabourdin is one of Malta’s most popular actors both on TV and stage. You can catch him tonight for the last night of ‘On the Seduction of Angels’, an evening of songs, poems and scenes based on texts by Bertolt Brecht and music by Kurt Weill.

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