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MaltaToday - Malta’s fastest growing newspaper

Readership of MaltaToday grew by a staggering 152 percent in under twelve months. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by ‘Informa’ consultants. The survey confirms that MaltaToday is the fastest growing newspaper on the island with 4.3 percent of the newspaper market share compared to the 6.4 percent of it’s main rival, The Malta Independent on Sunday.
MaltaToday stood at 1.7 percent a year ago. The survey was carried out after the elections. MaltaToday’s increased readership is reflected in this newspaper’s sales records which have shot up during the last year. The Malta Independent on Sunday dropped by 6 percent during the same period.

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Current weather conditions



Coming to terms with our past

It is a truism that no country can move forward unless it comes to terms with its past. Malta is a case in point, and much of what happened in its recent past remains shrouded in mystery, with much more being known in private than people are prepared to admit in public. ..


Exhume the past but do not forget the present

Saviour Balzan promises head banging in an attempt to uproot all that was bad, very bad, in the Mintoff years, but not at the expense of forgetting what is happening now


Mintoff wanted Pace to transfer part of Bical Bank to his nominees

Dom Mintoff, the autocratic well-off former Labour leader and Maltese premier wooed by the PN during the 1996/1998 two-year Alfred Sant stint offered Cecil Pace, then Malta’s business magnate, to accept the offer of deputy leader of the Labour party...

Magistrate’s rape ‘joke’ does not go down well

It could have been midsummer madness that made the usually scrupulous magistrate make his, not so funny, quip. Often things are said in jest and immediately regretted and it is not easy to guess what was going through Lawrence Quintano’s mind before he made it...

Gulia lends Pullicino Orlando a hand in landfill petition

Matthew Vella
Labour MP and shadow spokesperson for home affairs Gavin Gulia has confirmed that he is actively collecting signatures for the petition started by residents and backed by rebel Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando against plans for two temporary landfills between Ghar Lapsi and Wied iz-Zurrieq...

Cuschieri spews anti-Sant banter

For long he was seen as Dr Alfred Sant’s right-hand man, a loyal serf, who pandered to the voracious appetite of the die-hard Labour masses. But an electoral drubbing and a subtle witch-hunt to search for palatable scapegoats have left Labour president Manuel Cuschieri out in the cold.

Mater Dei hospital to require as much energy as Gozo’s inhabitants

Enemalta on verge of opting for third Delimara generator

Julian Manduca
The new Mater Dei hospital at Tal-Qroqq will require the same energy demand as the 29,000 inhabitants of Gozo, MaltaToday has learned...

Promises of Microsoft sponsor leaves Valletta FC fans angry at Austin Gatt

Matthew Vella
Austin Gatt’s fruitless electoral pledge for a Lm100,000 sponsorship from Microsoft Corporation for Valletta FC has angered many club supporters, MaltaToday can reveal...

Public subsidising waste disposal at Lm1.2 million yearly

Developers to pay for waste to be created before development

Julian Manduca
The public is subsidising the disposal of construction and demolition waste to the tune of 83 cents per tonne, MaltaToday has learned...


The philosopher’s drone

Joe Friggieri reveals to MATTHEW VELLA how he juggles the deeper questions in life with the pressures of being an A-list invitee to any art exhibition on the island...


On the spot... with Alison Galea

Alison Galea is the voice behind Malta’s successful alternative band the Beangrowers...

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