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MaltaToday - Malta’s fastest growing newspaper

Readership of MaltaToday grew by a staggering 152 percent in under twelve months. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by ‘Informa’ consultants. The survey confirms that MaltaToday is the fastest growing newspaper on the island with 4.3 percent of the newspaper market share compared to the 6.4 percent of it’s main rival, The Malta Independent on Sunday.
MaltaToday stood at 1.7 percent a year ago. The survey was carried out after the elections. MaltaToday’s increased readership is reflected in this newspaper’s sales records which have shot up during the last year. The Malta Independent on Sunday dropped by 6 percent during the same period.

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Current weather conditions


Give Alfred Sant a chance to rid his party of a maverick

This newspaper has never minced its words about the leader of the opposition Alfred Sant. We have argued, and rather aggressively, that with Harvard graduate Dr Sant at the helm, there is little hope in hell of a Maltese Labour party winning a national election...


Golden Sands my…

Golden Sands minus a hotel, is far worse a place than it was 20 years ago. And this triggers off a chain reaction in Saviour Balzan’s weekly column...


BICAL assets mystery boomerangs back

FOR reasons best known only to themselves, controllers appointed by the government have blocked funds owed to long suffering depositors of the defunct BICAL Bank, even though they have had access to assets that far exceeded the amounts owed to the account holders...

Stiff security measures for MLP election report

Kurt Sansone

The report commissioned by the Labour Party to study the reasons for its electoral defeat was presented to the party leadership last Tuesday but access to the 76-page document has been restricted and is heavily controlled, MaltaToday has been told.

Farrugia antics unite triumvirate

Anglu Farrugia is increasingly irritating the new labour leadership and has surprisingly contributed to bringing the three men closer...

Oil spill from Maltese-flagged ship devastates Pakistani coastline

David Lindsay

As Maltese by the thousands flock to the beaches today, an ecological disaster is unfolding thousands of kilometres away - taking its deadly toll on the environmentally-sensitive coastline in he Arabian Sea near Karachi, Pakistan...

Our clergy’s fray – Rome will not seek consultation on archbishop

Matthew Vella

With months remaining to Archbishop Joseph Mercieca’s 75 birthday anniversary in November, Maltese Vatican insiders are being touted as ‘favourites’ to be chosen by Rome as Malta’s next archbishop...

Authorities give cold shoulder to claims of underground temple near Mnajdra

Kurt Sansone

The claims made by an archaeological enthusiast that the rock-hewn water tanks at Misqa, just 200 metres away from Mnajdra temples, could be lying on top of a yet undiscovered hypogeum, have elicited no reaction from the superintendent for national heritage.

Restoration on Fort Manoel in first stage of studies

Matthew Vella

Restoration works on Fort Manoel are currently being undertaken by aoM Partnership, a firm of architects, civil and structural engineers, entrusted with the lead consultancy of the entire MIDI project under the direction of architect Professor Alex Torpiano.

Health reform proposals to be presented to cabinet for discussion

Present health services expected to be maintained – Louis Deguara
Finance Minister John Dalli recently mentioned the health sector along with pensions and the environment as areas that need financial restructuring. Whereas in the case of the environment government is expected to be spending much more money than in the past, the health sector and pensions are due for the chop.


The island needs a prophet

Malta’s next Archbishop has to be a prophet. At least that is what Dun Ang Seychell thinks. Here the outspoken priest exposes his Santian flirtations to MATTHEW VELLA.


On the spot...with Caroline Eckett

Caroline Eckett is the newest member of the Xfm team. Having joined them around three months ago, she puts it down to just being in the right place at the right time...

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