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Readership of MaltaToday grew by a staggering 152 percent in under twelve months. This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by ‘Informa’ consultants. The survey confirms that MaltaToday is the fastest growing newspaper on the island with 4.3 percent of the newspaper market share compared to the 6.4 percent of it’s main rival, The Malta Independent on Sunday.
MaltaToday stood at 1.7 percent a year ago. The survey was carried out after the elections. MaltaToday’s increased readership is reflected in this newspaper’s sales records which have shot up during the last year. The Malta Independent on Sunday dropped by 6 percent during the same period.

MaltaToday special reports


Current weather conditions


Get me to the church on time

The spectre of static traffic looms large. Some years ago MEPA transport expert Lucien Stafrace predicted that the only way to start solving Malta’s traffic problems would be to impose a charge for parking in all public areas...


Together we must make government smaller to make the things it endeavours to do bigger, the lack of togetherness is making the most basic of campaigns, such as a safety campaign – an impossible task, Saviour Balzan writes

MAM President refuses to deny he was one of the absent doctors

The Medical Association of Malta has been a very angry bunch in the last weeks...

Foreign Affairs committee will be new EU legislation watchdog

The new Foreign Affairs parliamentary committee, whose new President is Nationalist MP Michael Frendo, is set to extend its functions with the intention of performing a scrutiny of the ‘pipeline acquis,’ in Frendo’s words...

New face rattles PN International secretary’s post

Jason Azzopardi’s rival contender for the post of International secretary in the PN executive nearly made it on Friday...

Whisky imports down 36 per cent since 1995!

Eight years ago, over one million litres of whisky entered the Maltese islands. Last year the figure dwindled down to 684,953 litres, a decrease of 36 per cent.



Frendo’s Europe

Michael Frendo is one of Malta’s representatives in the Convention for the Future of Europe. Here he talks to MATTHEW VELLA on being part of the creative force behind the new European Union that is taking shape, and how his political career, after a slight debacle in the past years, is now looking better


On the spot... with Paul Giordimaina

Paul Giordimaina has represented Malta at Eurovision and played at the Malta Jazz Festival. Music is his love and profession and plays at a variety of places, but has been playing at BJ’s in Paceville for 23 years. His secret? He’s allowed to play very freely and to jazz lovers. At BJ’s he plays and jams with established musicians such as Charles Gatt, Sammy Murgo and the whole merry bunch!

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