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Ray of light

There is, after all, hope for change in the Labour Party. The election this week of Notary Charles Mangion and Dr Michael Falzon as deputy leaders gives hope for a new lease of life in a party that has slowly degenerated into what looked like an anti-EU almost right-wing party...


More than a chance

The election of Charles Mangion and Michael Falzon is good news. But as Saviour Balzan explains they will not get far with Alfred Sant around...


Health ministry report focused on company embroiled in fraud scandal

By Julian Manduca

The long-standing saga related to the replacement of the malfunctioning St Luke’s incinerator continues with the public being left virtually in the dark by the authorities. While the incinerator should be replaced in October of this year, doubts are being expressed both about the type of equipment that was awarded the tender and the ability of the manufacturers to support it. A scientist told MaltaToday the equipment "exposes (hospital) operatives to risk..."

Hyzler shoots down Saliba’s proof of Labour saboteur in civil service

By Matthew Vella

Joe Saliba has had his conspiracy theory shot down by former Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Services George Hyzler, who denied the PN secretary-general’s claims that one such instance of Labourite sabotage emerged from within his secretariat, days before the general elections...

Labour reformers avenge Sant’s re-election

The unlikely bedfellows have made it to Sant’s flanks. Charles Mangion’s and Michael Falzon’s election brought with it muffled triumph amongst the majority of Labour delegates who were rooting for reform within a tired, anti-European obelisk...



Women to the fore

Dr Lawrence Gonzi is heir apparent to the Nationalist Party top spot and could be Prime Minister of Malta in the coming years. Julian Manduca met the man who was recently confirmed PN deputy leader at his office


The third degree with Arnold Cassola

Arnold Cassola is Alternattiva Demokratika's Spokesperson for EU Affairs and Secretary General of the European Federation of Green Parties. He was one of the founders of Alternattiva Demokratika in 1989, and said this was because he could not stomach the fact that in Malta you have to form part of a tribe all your life lock, stock and barrel.


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