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Current weather conditions


This country is sick

So now we know that the country’s fiscal deficit is almost Lm10 million off the mark of that promised in November’s budget speech...


Panic in Sant camp as cracks begin to appear

Leadership candidates confirmed: Alfred Sant, Anglu Farrugia, John Attard Montalto

Political parties heavily in debt

The debts amassed by the PN and MLP in the run up to the election and referendum campaigns, run into the six-figure bracket, sources have told MaltaToday.

Sant alone decided to keep George Grech – Anglu Farrugia

The decision taken by the Labour government in 1996 to retain former police commissioner George Grech in his post was taken by Alfred Sant for reasons known to him alone according to Labour leadership contender Anglu Farrugia



Bringing discipline to Labour

In the thick of Labour’s leadership race Kurt Sansone catches up with contender Dr Anglu Farrugia

Working to make Labour electable

Dr John Attard Montalto has been extremely busy in the days before the leadership contest and Julian Manduca found it hard to track him down for an interview


Tough times

Change in Labour, Eurosceptisism and fiscal woes in Kurt Sansone’s sight

This Week

The third degree with Godwin Azzopardi

Godwin's decisive step in the professional artistic sphere came after placing 3rd runner-up, in a prestigious audition for a ‘Study Abroad’ placement...

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