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Will government meet the deadlines for change agreed with the EU?


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Maltese society come forward

Watching the Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami address leaders of the 25 European Union nations in Athens on April 16 was truly an emotional experience. Across the country, the feeling of joy and relief could be felt. Some tears rolled as fireworks were set off.


Candidates irked by ‘favours for the boys’ pledges

Elected and unelected candidates are incensed at the campaign organised by some candidates. Talking to MaltaToday just after the election, they voiced their anger that some of their constituents had been promised jobs and transfers. They even quote one candidate as telling his constituents that he would be appointed minister and would see to the appointments personally.

MLP leadership contest heats up

Kurt Sansone

Party delegates speaking to MaltaToday expressed their concern at the haste with which Attard Montalto was ready to claim the scalp of Alfred Sant.

Super One may play kingmaker role

Barely a week after the crushing defeat at the polls the Labour Party’s internal structures have swung into action to try and consolidate the current leadership despite Alfred Sant’s declaration that he does not intend contesting the post of leader

Big losers bite the dust

Julian Manduca

Election time is great for the victors but spare some thoughts for those that got fewer votes than they expected. Few people would have been at the counting hall believing they would get elected and ended up with very few votes to their name. However, among the big losers of these elections, Labour Party heavyweight Alfred Mifsud, former PN Ministers Josef Bonnici and Michael Refalo certainly take the cake

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Political parties set to lose power

Joe Saliba says 8,000 MLP supporters voted for EU membership, but admits that there is a risk that not all win benefit from EU membership. He spoke to Julian Manduca


Mea culpa, mea grandissima culpa

Saviour Balzan is saddened by the lack of soul searching in the Labour camp, but he insists that our sights should be trained on the government that is expected to deliver and not on the MLP

Media blues and southern woes

Kurt Sansone takes to task the MLP’s ‘blame it on the media’ attitude

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