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A shameless con


Will government meet the deadlines for change agreed with the EU?


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YESTERDAY, Alfred Sant unveiled his ultimate election victory con, by promising a tax holiday to all employees for a period of two months on earnings up to Lm10,000. Sant also promised a bonus of an unknown value to all those with no income and all the self-employed a tax rebate for a period of two months. The electoral promise reeks of political opportunism and is a reminder of the pre-1996 electoral promise to remove VAT and cash registers. Dr Sant’s remarks were shot down in an immediate reply by Finance Minister John Dalli who accused Alfred Sant of irresponsibility. Half an hour after Alfred Sant’s televised comments, John Dalli was delivering a message that Dr Sant’s promises were made to gain votes. READ MORE



Alfred Mifsud talks of bloodshed if PN elected

Alfred Mifsud, a former Mid-Med Bank Chairman and a Labour party candidate said that if the Nationalist party is elected there will be bloodshed....

Alfred Sant’s promises: an insult to the Maltese - Dalli

Finance Minister John Dalli said Alfred Sant has made a desperate attempt to buy people over in the few days before the elections...

No invitation for Mintoff yet

By Kurt Sansone - Up to yesterday the Malta Labour Party had not issued an official invitation to Dom Mintoff to attend the torch-lighting ceremony organised by the MLP at the freedom monument in Birgu this evening...

Mario Azzopardi: PN not working to attract MLP voters

Educator Mario Azzopardi blames Alfred Sant for Labour’s anti-EU stand and believes the PN needs to improve its political messages. Julian Manduca caught up with him last week...

The third degree with Irene Christ

Greens flex their muscles

By Julian Manduca - The Green party has flexed its muscles this week and made up for its lack of media reach by highlighting important issues that the slumbering larger parties fail to tackle.

Sant persists in not taking questions

By Kurt Sansone - In complete contrast with the press conferences held during the week, Labour leader Alfred Sant yesterday did not announce any incentives for industry during the morning press conference, opting to focus his speech on the need to dismantle the Malta Enterprise Board...

MLP’s unplanned tax free proposal

Despite the mid-week announcement by Labour leader Alfred Sant that a Labour government would exempt farmers, fishermen and herdsmen from income tax no details on how the plan would be actuated were released.

The redemption campaign

By Matthew Vella - The Lenten season has prompted words of impunity from PN leader Eddie Fenech Adami. "Sorry," the Prime Minister said during one of the PN press conferences, "Sorry for not having assisted everyone.

Sportive Ramblings by Kevin Grech

The Italian press attacks again

After two Formula One races, Michael Schumacher is failing to impress the Italian media. The German driver was slammed by the unforgiving Italian media for his performance in the last race and was practically written off for the whole season.



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