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Alfred Sant emulating the ‘bad’ Borg Olivier
The 1956 referendum on integration with the UK, captained by the Labour party and Dom Mintoff, saw an overwhelming 70 per cent of the voting electorate choose integration.


Will government meet the deadlines for change agreed with the EU?


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Current weather conditions

No sign of alliance between PN and Greens

Green Party announces 14 candidates in 13 districts

SLIEMA - "Our duty as a party is to now confirm the result of the referendum at the general elections. There is still a timetable for an alliance to be formed before the end of the week, although it doesn’t seem there will be one..."

Sant raises alarm bells on talk of alliance

General elections in Malta are usually a very neat affair with a clear winner and loser. However, the possibility of an alliance between the PN and AD, in whichever form it evolves, can threaten the status quo if the Green Party elects at least one deputy...

Nationalist party shows signs of concern

Football club presidents among new candidates

If there was any indication needed to confirm the worries passing through the spines of the Nationalist Party leadership, it has now come to light...

George Abela refuses to comment about referendum result

Opposition leader Alfred Sant remains unchallenged in his post as party leader despite rumours spread in Nationalist Party circles that he would be deposed after the referendum....

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Harry Vassallo: The man of the moment

Dr Harry Vassallo has become the focus of great attention in the media over the past few days. Not that Vassallo was not in the news before, but it would seem now that the future of Malta might depend on him and his party. Julian Manduca caught up with him this week.


PN will have to start pushing the right buttons

Julian Manduca believes the PN will leave to sweat it out in the coming weeks...

Saviour Balzan on Sunday


"To me the idea of celebrating in the wake of such a travesty to democracy sounded like drinking champagne at a funeral..."

This Week

The third degree with Carlo Borg Bonaci

"I dreamt of an island called Malta that had three political parties that managed to find consensus on an important issue for the country"

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