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Sant must resign

IF THERE EVER was a case of democratic deficit and warped thinking, it was Alfred Sant’s declaration at the Ta’Qali counting hall. He said the referendum result pointed clearly to a partnership victory


Will government meet the deadlines for change agreed with the EU?


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Current weather conditions

The laughing stock of Europe
"Imagine Milan football supporters jubilant after losing closely to Inter, or Man United supporters going wild after losing to City..."

Special edition 10/03/03

53.6 per cent say ‘Yes’ to EU membership

Sant claims victory despite facts to the contrary

Majority vote for Europe as Alfred Sant throws a raspberry at the democratic process

Prime Minister upbeat and very content with the referendum victory

Prodi looks forward to Malta’s contribution

AD’s double satisfaction

There is no room for interpretation - Drake

EU result welcomed outside Malta

Low abstention rates confirm few heeded Sant’s example

Top News 10/03/03


Referendum 2003 in photos

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Referendum 2003


53.6 per cent say ‘Yes’ to EU membership

Votes polled 270,650

Valid Votes 266,722

Votes - Invalid 3,928

Votes - YES 143,094 (53.64%)

Votes - NO 123,628 (46.35%)

Sunday 09/03/03

Malta holds its breath

Voter turnout yesterday was higher than expected. At 2pm voter turnout for the referendum stood at 47 per cent and 44 % for the local councils. Unconfirmed total turnout was close to 80%. The percentage of voters at 2pm was higher than previous elections. One year ago at noonlocal council turnout stood at 30%...

All ‘foreign’ eyes on Malta

Malta’s ‘yes’ could serve as important catalyst for other campaigns
By Matthew Vella
A scan of the European and International press over the past few days reveal a general verdict - the Europeans believe Malta is not over-enthusiastic about the EU - that assertion has yet to manifest itself with the announcement of the official referendum result.

Local elections forewarning

In anticipation of tomorrow’s local election vote counting Kurt Sansone analyses the warning signals the results could give the political parties


Looking at the ‘unnaturally healthy’ builders of our temples

Professor Anthony Bonanno would like to see the artefacts found at the Brockdorff Circle exhibited in Malta for the first time. Julian Manduca caught up with him in his farmhouse at the University of Malta


Malta ground to a halt

Julian Manduca talks of missed deadlines and commitments

This Week

The third degree with James Vella Clark

Artistic ever since he was a small boy, James Vella Clark would use his copy book as canvas when meant to be doing his maths homework...

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