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Will government meet the deadlines for change agreed with the EU?


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Opportunist Sant lets the rabbit out of the bag

The Labour leader has unleashed his new blueprint for the future and with it a last ditch attempt to win over Europhile labourites and undecided voters unhappy with the Nationalist government. <READ MORE>

Election expenditure law riddled with loopholes

By Kurt Sansone
Valletta - The billboard frenzy that the major political parties have embarked on is a clever way of getting around the electoral law that regulates expenditure during an election. By erecting the billboards before the start of the electoral campaign the rules of party spending do not apply. <READ MORE>

Property prices surge, with speculation rife

By David Lindsay
Unbridled speculation, scandalous amounts of vacant housing stock gathering dust, rent laws so antiquated their inspection is best suited to an archaeologist’s trained eye and exclusive developments pushing the property price ceiling ever-higher – there can be little doubt that Malta’s property market is in dire need of a stabilising elixir. <READ MORE>


I’d rather ride the Caravan

MARSA – Lino Spiteri has a smug look about himself. The look of a man satisfied with his life. One might think he ought not be looking so smug.


Just sit back and relax – enjoy the show

Julian Manduca wishes more thought could be given to what is about to happen in Iraq


This Week

What a week!

If you’ve used the Gozo ferry in the past few weeks, then you are sure to be familiar with artist Denis Calleja’s work. Setting up an exhibition on a vessel, he tells Ramona Depares, is not easy.


New hunting and trapping regulations bring into force stiffer penalties for offenders

MLP ignores questions as it launches election manifesto for local councils

Labour’s education fund is a question of priorities

Strike on Iraq will leave Malta behind

Paul Muscat to contest as independent in Bormla



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