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A breeding ground for xenophobia

Toon Today:
Policing the investigations

by Saviour Balzan

This is the B52 culture, folks

MaltaToday asks..
Where are they now?
No: 0096


Ipoll Last Week
What part for Malta in a new war?  

By Joe Mercieca

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Woman reacts to George Grech’s television appearance
By Kurt Sansone
Police Commissioner George Grech’s decision to appear on television alongside his visibly distraught wife was judged by many observers as the height of bad taste.
The appearance of Mrs Grech caught people by surprise because, prior to the programme, she had been entirely absent from media reports. [READ MORE]
Secret Service report too little too late
The Security Committee report on the actions of the Secret Service, which was tabled in Parliament on Monday, is widely being perceived as a public relations stunt intended to stave off mounting criticism about its shortcomings. [READ MORE]


Antoine Mifsud Bonnici
Pensions are becoming unsustainable and waiting lists for old people’s homes are getting longer. Just what can we do to cope with a growing ageing population? Miriam Dunn asks Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly, Antoine Mifsud Bonnici

Sport close-up

The game of football will continue to change
According to football expert Tony Formosa when speaking to MaltaToday’s sports editor Ray Abdilla, "There was a time when soccer chiefs were tempted to effect changes in the measurements of the goal-posts in order to see more goals being scored. Others, meanwhile, have advocated changes in the offside rule


A very secret service
The SS needs to strike a balance between carrying out its duties and ensuring Joe Citizen’s privacy is respected, argues José Herrera

This Week

Baby love
Being a new mum involves hundreds of nappies but very few naps, says Miriam Dunn

Who’s making the most fuss?
Where there’s fun, there’s criticism, says Franklin Mamo, giving an alternative view of our noisy feasts

Steve Borg
Steve Borg is one of the organisers of Etnika Fe, a fusion of ethnic Maltese melodies and Flamenco. Interview by Zillah Bugeja

Last Bottle Up
Georges Meekers: How often have you been gaped down upon by the winewaiter telling you long after he’s taken the order "I’m sorry, Sir, we have run out of that wine..."


Growing waiting lists
The massive challenge that Malta faces in gearing up to cope with an ever-increasing ageing population is clearly evident in figures published in our weekly interview today with the parliamentary secretary for the elderly, Antoine Mifsud Bonnici

Islam unjustly blamed for terror attacks
By Kurt Sansone
Two weeks after the tragic attacks in New York and Washington, MaltaToday has received reports of heightened discrimination against Arabs in entertainment spots, on buses and in other public places

Youngsters turn to millennium chapel for refuge from war fears
By Kurt Sansone
The millennium chapel in Paceville lived up to its reputation for being an oasis of peace on Thursday night when a group of 15-year olds frightened by the spectre of war went in to find some solace

Italian interest in Price Club chain
The former owner of a large Italian supermarket concern has expressed an interest in buying the troubled Price Club chain and might come to the rescue of the local ailing business if the Libyan company, Lafico, fails to conclude its buy-out deal before the creditors’ patience wears out

‘Deal with the culprits, don’t blame us all’ – Drydocks workers’ plea
By Ray Abdilla
Although there are indications that the disagreement at the Drydocks could be solved, the events of the last two weeks have left many workers feeling resentful about the way they are invariably treated during disputes

Help for stranded shipmates on Malta-registered vessel
By David Lindsay
A seamens' charity in north-east Lincolnshire has come to the rescue of a crew on a Maltese-registered ship left without food, water or money

Words must become actions, says Malta Business Bureau chief
By Miriam Dunn
It is high time the government moves from words to action when it comes to taking the "massive" steps needed for European Union compliance in the sensitive areas of agriculture and environment, according to Leonard Mizzi, the Director of the Malta Business Bureau in Brussels


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